"Your dad cooks so well!"

Translation:Твой папа так хорошо готовит!

November 7, 2015



Is "твои папа готовит так хорошо" ok?

April 19, 2016


"твоЙ папа готовит так хорошо" sounds quite normal in Russian. I answered the same, and I was surprised that my answer was wrong.

May 23, 2016


I also answered like this. Is there a change of emphasis here that is important or something? I'm confused about why I was marked wrong.

November 3, 2016


I've always learned in Russian that if you are emphasizing an adverb, that adverb goes after the verb (whereas generally it goes before). Can a native speaker confirm this?

March 23, 2017


Not, not necessarily. You can say "My dad cooks well" (Moi papa gotovit chorosho) or "My dad well cooks" (Moi papa chorosho gotovit). Actually, the second one is more natural.

March 23, 2017


Does Russian generally prefer placing adverbs before the verb like this?

November 7, 2015


Indeed. Would «Твой папа готовит так хорошо» be a too strange way of expressing this sentence?

January 13, 2016


Wrote 'Tvoi papa gotovit tak horosho!' Marked wrong. Flagged.

February 26, 2018


Tvoi papa tak khorosho gotovit! - i wrote it, and the system didn't accept it. It's unfair, because the sentence is right, and my priority was "cooks so well", but not "so well cooks". In Russian, you can say it both ways, but here my version is better. Thanks.

September 10, 2016


Why is 'Ваш' not accepted?

October 8, 2017


The context of sentence is informal "Dad" instead of formal "Father"

March 3, 2018


Feels like the words are in a wrong order. Very confusing. I am a beginner.

October 28, 2017


Твой папа так хорошо готовит!
Твой папа готовит так хорошо!
Папа твой хорошо так готовит!
Твой папа так готовит хорошо!
Так хорошо готовит твой папа!
Что не так?
Speak Russian fluently!

November 5, 2017


What is "tak" - what's it used for?

June 7, 2019


What is так ?

July 5, 2019


In Russian. Many meanings. так • (tak)

<pre>so, thus так же ― tak že ― just as так и ― tak i ― and та́к как ― ták kak ― since, because так и не ― tak i ne ― never like that so much Так пло́хо? ― Tak plóxo? ― Is it that bad? just so then well yes </pre>
July 5, 2019
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