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  5. "Breakfast, lunch and dinner"

"Breakfast, lunch and dinner"

Translation:Frokost, lunsj og middag

November 7, 2015



Is middag the midday meal or evening meal? I say this because there is some difference in areas and social background in English in meal names eg breakfast/lunch/dinner (dinner being evening meal) or breakfast/dinner/tea (dinner being midday meal). So which is middag in Norwegian? It sounds as though it should be the midday meal.


Traditionally it was the midday meal, hence the name. Nowadays it's the evening meal, typically eaten at around 5-7 pm, after people get home from work.


That is actually how my "dinner" has been. As a child, we had breakfast, dinner, and supper. Now, we have breakfast, lunch and dinner. Weird how it changed in both countries!


In English, dinner is the main meal of the day - which can be what we call lunch or supper. To be more specific in Norwegian, you can say formiddagsmat or lunsj for lunch and kveldsmat for supper.

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