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  5. "You are not women."

"You are not women."

Translation:Dere er ikke kvinner.

November 8, 2015



What is the difference between 'dere' and 'du'. I don't understand.


Dere is for 'you' but for a group of person and 'du' is for 'you' for you alone, you and i !


Du = thou, dere = ye/you.


Why is ikke not in the end

[deactivated user]

    Ikke (not) usually negates verbs and in this form, it comes after the verb. Examples are below.

    Han er ikke... (He isn't...)

    Hun leser ikke fantasy romaner. (She doesn't read fantasy novels.)

    When it negates the noun, it comes before it like in the sentence below.

    Jeg er en mann, ikke en gutt. (I am a man, not a boy.)

    When an objective pronoun is used, it's placed at the end of the sentence.

    Du liker meg ikke. (You don't like me.)


    The 'k' in kvinner is silent or not?


    that would sound like 'vinner' which is winner in Norwegian then.


    To be fair: you could say to a singular person that he is not a multiple of persons. The context that would happen in though is too farfetched for duo, I guess...


    Kvinner sounds like a T sound at the end. Is this correct?

    [deactivated user]

      Correct IPA pronunciation for kvinner (women) is /kʋɪnəɾ/ and the last sound is an alveolar flap ɾ, not the voiceless alveolar stop "t".

      Click here to listen to IPA symbols being pronounced. Follow this link to hear the word being pronounced on Forvo.

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