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  5. "Jumping is not allowed here."

"Jumping is not allowed here."

Translation:Здесь прыгать нельзя.

November 8, 2015



"Прыгать нельзя здесь"

Is there a reason why this is not accepted?

"To jump is not permitted here" seems like an acceptable word order.


It is rather weird. General permissions usually state where it applies, then say нельзя or можно, then put the infinitive. So, «Здесь нельзя прыгать» is the most neutral word order of all, and «Здесь прыгать нельзя» or «Прыгать здесь нельзя» also work with the emphasis slightly shifted.


It is accepted now


Difference in тут and здесь?


There is an explanation in the tips for this skill:

For "here", the words здесь and тут are almost completely interchangeable in any imaginable context. Тут is considered a bit more informal, and is used in set expressions (тут же ~ right away, тут и там). «Здесь» is somewhat less suitable for figurative meanings (when by "here" you mean the current situation rather than a place). In this course, they are completely interchangeable when not being used in a set expression.


"Нельзя здесь прыгать"

Why is this not allowed?


Simply because there are more common word orders that you have to master first.


And the same is true about "Нельзя прыгать здесь."? :/


Yeah, especially about that. Probably, «Нельзя прыгать здесь» and «Прыгать нельзя здесь» are the most unnatural of the six possible word orders which I can hardly imagine a native speaker ever say. Нельзя здесь прыгать is kind of borderline case. We have to draw a line somewhere and stay more or less consistent with which word orders we consider passable and which we do not.


Ах блин. ;)

Но я понимаю, спасибо!


Но я хочу прыгнуть!


«Прыгать здесь запрещено» Why this is not accepted?


I put that too :(


I am hearing "прыВать" instead of прыгать here. Is that a historical spelling like in the case of его, него, etc?


Can I say "не надо" instead?


Не надо means "don't". It's like you're asking somebody not to do something. While "not allowed" is a rule or a law, it's more strict, that's why we need нельзя. Alternatively one can say Здесь прыгать не разрешается / Здесь прыгать не разрешено.


I have a curious query. Doesn't прыгать translate into 'jump' and прыжки translate into 'jumping'?

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