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  5. "Вы уже хотите домой?"

"Вы уже хотите домой?"

Translation:Do you want to go home already?

November 8, 2015



Why isn't it necessary to include the verb "to go?"


The verb of motion which is appropriate for "to go" is often omitted in Russian when it's obvious or implied. This happens because the grammatical case of the noun/location can already indicate motion towards itself. Since English doesn't have cases for this purpose, we have to make up for it by using a motion verb such as "to go", usually with the preposition "to" following it. For example:

Я домой. - I'm going home. Мы в театр. - We're going to the theater. Вы в кино? - Are you going to the movies? Девочка на почту. - The girl is going to the post office. Мама на работу. - Mom is going to work. Бабушка к нам. - Grandma is coming over (literally "to us").

Hope that helps!


So what would be "home" as in, "Do you want to be at home?"


Probably use дома for "at home".
Google Translate tells me to use the word быть for "be". So it would be "вы хотите быть дома?"


First of all, don't check pronunciation on Google translate. It's trash. Either go to wiktonary or forvo.com.

Secondly, in Russian the O turns into an ah sound when it's not stressed. Молоко (milk) sounds like 'mah lah ko' because the last syllable is accented.

There's only one stressed syllable in Russian words. There's not an easy rule to know where the stress goes, but eventually you'll be able to know. For now, just memorize.


Thank you very much franistart


On translate.google.com Хотите is pronounced differently. In Duolingo, the o is pronounced a and on google o. Could someone clarify pronounciation for me ?


Sounds very similar to ходите - you are going. Would that make sense too? Because you cant tell from the audi alone.


The voice recognition for Duolingo is absolutely garbage. It seems to only pick up the last word I say.


You can hardly hear that "Вы"


Yes, thank you


Sorry, but for me Duo forget to put the verb to go. Дomoй is only home. " Вы уже хотите пойти домои??"


Why already, and why not yet? As far as I know we use "yet" in questions, already has a special sitoation (suprise for example).


I typed "you already want home" and it was accepted. Grammatically, in English, that's terrible

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