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  5. "Они хотят книги."

"Они хотят книги."

Translation:They want books.

November 8, 2015



i wonder why this isn't the accusative книгу -- isn't it the direct object?


The Accusative of plural «книги» is the same as its Nominative: «книги». This is the same rule that governs the choice of the Accusative form by neuter an typical masculine nouns. In plural, it extends to nouns of all classes: animate nouns use the Genitive form while inanimate nouns use the Nominative one.


Aha! спасибо.


so, why this sentence cannot mean "they want a book" ???


Because книги is plural.

If you wondered why can it not be Genitive singular, well, книги-singular would seem a far fetched interpretation of unknown meaning, given that the forms are already the same. A book is not understood the same as "water" or "crap", which you might want an indeteminate quantity of. A book, a cat or a ball are objects with well defined boundaries, and whereas half a bottle of water is still water, a piece of a book is not called a "book".

However, it is indeed possible for substances and some abstract nouns:

  • Я хочу воды.
  • Я хочу покоя.


Oh okay, thanks a lot !


And the Accusative plural of feminine words ending in -а is -ы, which changes to и after г under the Russian spelling rules.


what is the difference between хотят and хочет and хочешь?


Those are different forms


Note the irregular conjugation: the singular has Е while the plural has И and no consonant mutation: it is as though its singular and plural forms are different verbs.


The audio in the exercise audio is terrible. хотят sounds like сайчат.


Sounds fine to me. As good as it gets, anyway. There is a small click at the end of они in the slow audio.


Why is "Х" pronounced as an h sound in some words while it is pronounced as kh in others? And for хожу and хочешь, is it h or kh?


It is the same. Russian does not have an h sound, only a [x] sound (which English does not have, not in the commonly heard dialects).


Хотят was pronounced so robotically I couldn't understand it..


Sounds most unnatural, should be rather "Им нужнЫ книги", retaing the meaning of "they want..." ("Ы" is capitalised here to show the accent only, of course - this method itself is not uncommon in informal texting, etc).

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