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Macedonian language (македонски јазик) 6

Today we learn two important verbs )


I am = Јас сум

You are = Ти си

He / she / it is = Тој / таа / тоа е

We are = Ние сме

You are = Вие сте

Note: This is used in plural and formal

They are = Тие се

For example:

I am beautiful = Јас сум убав

Note: убав is an adjective in masculine gender, убава is an adjective in feminine gender and убаво is an adjective in neuter gender, but убави is an adjective in plural for all three genders.

You are a student = Ти си студент

Note: студент = a male student, студентот = the male student, студентка = a female student, студентката = the female student, студенти / студентки = male students / female students, студентите / студентките = the male students / the female students.

He is a man = Тој е маж

She is a woman = Таа е жена

It is a child = Тоа е дете

We are tired = Ние сме уморни

You are doctors = Вие сте лекари

Note: it changes the same as "student" above: лекар, лекарот, лекарка, лекарката, лекари, лекарите, лекарки, лекарките.

They are people = Тие се луѓе


I have = Јас имам

You have = Ти имаш

He / she / it has = Тој / таа / тоа има

We have = Ние имаме

You have = Вие имате

They have = Тие имаат

For example:

I have a house = Јас имам куќа

Note: Јас ја имам куќата = I have the house (definite!) Let us recall, we have learned in the previous lesson about "ја''and ''го''. These are short personal pronouns for direct object or literally accusative. Јас ја видам куќата or Јас ја видам (in this case, "ја'' refers to "куќа(та)'', it is replaced. јас -> ме (I -> me), so таа -> ја (it -> it [literally she -> her, because "house" is a female gender in Macedonian])

You have the tree = Ти го имаш дрвото

Note: дрво is a neuter gender, therefore дрво + то (neuter definite article), and "го" is a masculine as well as neuter short direct object.

He has a dog = Тој има куче

Note: куче is a neuter gender, кучето = the dog

She has the cat = Таа ја има мачката

It has a plaything = Тоа има играчка

We have an apple = Ние имаме јаболко

Note: јаболко is a neuter gender, јаболкото = the apple

You have the beds = Вие ги имате креветите

Note: кревет is a masculine gender, кревет + от = the bed, кревети + те = the beds (plural). тој -> го (masculine direct object), and тие -> ги (plural for all three genders)

They have the chair = Тие го имаат столот


Note: In Macedonian there is no infinitive, so it is used "да" with the conjugation.

I x to be / to have = Јас x да бидам / да имам

I want to be beautiful = Јас посакувам да бидам убав

You must to be ready in a few minutes = Ти мораш да бидеш спремен за неколку минути

He can be an actor because has a talent for it = Тој може да биде актер, бидејќи има таленат за тоа

I want to have a gift = Јас сакам да имам подарок

It is nice to have a cat = Убаво е да се има мачка (It is generally for all or indefinitely, it is not known for whom it is, and eg. for you, it is said: "Убаво е да имаш мачка''.

It is all. If you have a lack of clarity, ask me )

https://www.duolingo.com/comment/10068881 (list of lessons)

Денес се вратив во Македонија. Добра ноќ )

November 8, 2015



Very well explained. Thank you!


Thank you! Enjoy next lessons! )


Thanks! Always love to read your lessons :)


Thank you very much and I am glad! Enjoy next lessons )


Хвала! (I've already forgotten the Macredonian) this is very close to Serbian :)


Thanks = Благодарам in Macedonian. Нема на чему / Нема на што! Learn from the beginning again, if you are really interested in Macedonian. Yes, close to it, but not much. Macedonian is the closest to Bulgarian )


Yes, the verbs to be and to have are very similar :)) Благодарам!


Yes, in this case. Macedonian and Serbian have a lot of similar verbs (except "to love", "to want" and some verbs), but have a little different conjugation )


are you going to do negative forms in the next lesson?


Yes, I do it. This is very easy.


:) cool,thank you

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