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"Положи газету на стул, пожалуйста."

Translation:Put the newspaper on the chair, please.

November 8, 2015



I heard as "Положи газету на стол пожалуйста", oops.


Yep, same here. Was absolutely sure in me logic :)


I am a native speaker. It sounds OK. I hear стул. (an android app, 2019-02-12)


"lay it there" is okay in English too. I reported it.


Same, still not accepted after 2 years... -_-

[deactivated user]

    можно сказать ¨ поставь газету на стул ... ¨ . Это правильно?


    Нет, газету нельзя поставить, it's flat.


    Wait, so in addition to our previous discussion I also have to worry about Положи and Поставь?

    You are killing me.

    I love that so many native speakers are around and helping us new folks try to sort out the language - and I know it's not actually like this here. But sometimes (like now) I can't help but think of that scene from Terry Pratchett's book Jingo:

    Jabbar: My food is your food

    he claps his hands and a Klatchian comes in carrying a plate of rice and sheep's eyes. Jabbar takes one.

    The best part

    Vimes: They look like sheep eyeballs. You know what? I think this is a little game called "what will the foreigner swallow" and I'm not swallowing this, my friend.

    Jabbar: Then it is true, you can see further than most.

    Vimes: So can this food. My father told me never to eat anything that can wink back.

    a pause, then Jabbar and the Klatchian laugh

    Jabbar: Well done! First time this hasn't worked in 20 years! Come, let's dine on proper rice and lamb.


    one of the few times being polish is a disadvantage with russian haha- I wrote: place the newspaper on the table please. cuz stół=chair and chair-krzesło unless it has no lumbar support and then its stolik, which looking back is prolly what they were looking for so... man I suck at this haha


    I'm pretty sure in another exercise, it was prompted "newspapers" but the answer needed to be газету (singular) - I don't have screenshot to prove though...


    Does положить always work with accusative, like сесть?

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