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"The spot"

Translation:Die Stelle

January 7, 2013



It just ask me what dot meant to questions ago and the correct answer was Punkt. Now, on this question, it's telling me that's wrong.


That's DL's way of saying you chose the wrong article. It defaults to the first fem. alternative. Or, you can use "der Punkt."


"the spot" - "der Fleck, der Punkt, der Ort, die Gegend, der Pickel, der Platz, die Stelle, der Tupfen, das Pl├Ątzchen, ..." (quick peek into my dictionary)


May I suggest that Duolingo's hints that appear when you hover the cursor over words should always show the correct definite article with each noun being viewed, not simply the base word. For instance when I hover over "spot", I should not see "Stelle". I should see "Die Stelle" or alternatively the noun and grammatical gender, for instance "Stelle (Weiblich)". The hints are misleading when "The" displays a drop down list of "Der Die Das" but there is no indication of which gender goes with which German noun that is listed under "spot". The current system does not teach me, it seems to expect that I already know.


The previous turn said die punkt


No, die punkt is never correct.

Punkt has to be capitalised (it's a noun), and its gender is masculine so it is der Punkt in the singular, die Punkte in the plural.

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