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  5. "Мы с сестрой любим читать."

"Мы с сестрой любим читать."

Translation:My sister and I like to read.

November 8, 2015



seriously???? How does мы с сестрой mean my sister and I????


"мы с" is an idiom meaning "... and I"


My Russian wife in English frequently says "Me with my husband…". It's the Russian way of saying this.


But мы is we. So literally it's like "we and (my) sister..." You have to understand to a native English speaker it sounds bizarre when it is first encountered. But if such is a grammatically correct and common Russian expression, we just have to grin and bear it (i.e. learn by heart)...


You are probably using the mobile app, just like me. If you've never visited Duolingo's website before, you'll be surprised to know that every topic has a "Tips" section that introduces and explains the ideas and words used. This is one of the things discussed there.

It's something that really annoys me to be missing from the app, but having duolingo bookmarked on your browser, and remembering to visit the site before each new topic works.


Yeah, I wonder why the app doesn't have it. It doesn't seem that heavy.


Some of the other languages have added the tips section to the mobile app, so it's not impossible. I've seen it in Spanish and French so far. Russian is less common, so less priority maybe, but hopefully they will bring this feature to all the languages on Duolingo eventually.


One of my major frustrations with the lack of features for Russian on Duo mobile. Try Spanish, they have Tips, Dialogs, Stories and all sorts of cool features. I would gladly pay a subscription to have all this for Russian. = (


Just think of this expression this way: "We, my sister and I, ..."


Just like, for instance, мы с братом хорошо играем в теннис - My brother and I are good tennis players (My brother and I play tennis well)


It's "we with someone". In other languages, such as Tagalog, there are different words for "we" to discriminate "you and I" (inclusive) and "he/they and I" (exclusive)


I typed"love",but it shows "like". I think люблю should translated to "love" BTW,welcome to make friends with me,я студентка,Китай


In fact, if любить is adressed to someone, like тебя or его, it means "to love", but if it is adressed to an inanimated object, an action, etc... it means "to like". Nevertheless, in english it is correct to say "i love reading", so it should be accepted (i got it wrong too, from the same "mistake"


The mods here are really weird about the word "love", maybe no one in england ever loved them so they think it's more casual word in russia.


"Love" with an activity or an inanimate object is more like "обожать" than "любить". "Love" may work as a translation in some cases, but we want to maintain the distinction between "любить" when referring to people and "любить" when referring to things/activities.


"Me and my sister love to read" should be accepted. Reported


It is discouraging to have a problem with a lesson and look at the discussion page, only to find out that the exact same issue was reported already (3 years ago). sigh

*the "love to read" part not the "Me and my sister" part, by the way.


Why not "my sister and I love reading?"


«I and my sister...» would be correct? Or only «My sister and I...»?


The 'c' in this sentence is not audible. You just have to know it's there.


I still don't understand how come, in here, мы с сестрой means "my sister and I", but in the other exercise, мы с ним meant "we (...) with him". Any tips on this?


Just keep in mind you cannot learn a language with a word for word translation of English. Some phrases have to be learnt by heart that's all. As a French native speaker, I think the Russian is often more logical than the English. The main mistakes I made are not in Russian but in English :)


"My sister and I love to read" - why is that wrong?


it is because the verb " to love"in this sentence implies a taste, something you like in general. It is not something occasional or something you plan in the futur. In fact your command of English is as important as your Russian ;).


Why aint it be spelled like «со сестрой»?


Because "со" is typically only used when the following word begins with consecutive consonants. Having the following word just start with "c" but without consecutive consonants, like "с сыром" means the "c" sound is lengthened when spoken, so it sounds like "сссыром," a slightly elongated "s" sound. E.g., when to use "co" -- "со снегом."


I can write "я с сестрой......." or I only can write "мы с сестрой......" ?


Я с сестрой is correct


We love to read with our sister. Why is this wrong?


"me and my sister like to read" correct english


"Me" is not a subject in English, only an object. You cannot say "me like to read," therefore you cannot say "me and my sister" like to read since you're forming a compound subject.


my sister and I like reading sounds to me better than "me and my sister"... Anyway this sentence does not really test my Russian skills Indeed I think that this sentence is very easy to understand, the problem is only the English translation... Does it really worth it?


"My sister and I like reading" is an accepted answer.


I don't know what your native language is, but "мы с сестрой" is not an intuitive construction for the native English speaker.


just to come back to the 'my sister and me' where of course both are subject. It is a sound thing, sounds smoother. The same with 'me too' instead of 'I too'. 'me' is here also the subject.


How does любим not translate to love? It's literally the conjugation of любить, "to love"


As far as I know, it is "лЮбим", not "любИм"

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