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"I like talking about America and Germany."

Translation:Я люблю говорить об Америке и Германии.

November 8, 2015



Мне нравится говорить об Туалет и о Германии.

Was another option. Туалет instead of Америке. Wow duolingo. Wow.


Why is об used in this case? I thought the rule with most prepositions was to add the other letter if the next word starts with a double consonant, as in с собакой со мной


You would use "о" if the word after it begins with a consonant. Here, "Америке" begins with a vowel, so you have to use "об".


And when is обо used?


"обо" is used when the word after it begins with the following consonant sounds: "чт", "мн", "вс".

For example:

Он ничего не знает обо мне.

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