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  5. "Да, это место здесь."

"Да, это место здесь."

Translation:Yes, this seat is here.

November 8, 2015



This sentence doesn't sound natural in English. Under what context would you say that?


Well, say you're talking to someone about a particular place. And the, when you're near the place and the person asks you if it's there, you could point it out to them and say "Да, это место здесь.".


I concur with naughthing that at the least, alternate English translations for this should be looked at. This is a case where literal translation makes no sense to me as an English speaker.


I agree with NerysGhemor and naughthing. In that situation I would say "Yes, this is the place" or "Yes, that is the place"


An English speaker would never say say "Yes, this/that place is here" in that situation, we would say "Yes, this is the place" if we were at the location, or "Yes, that is the place" if we were somewhere else.


Not necessarily. I'm an English speaker and I've said yes, the place is here. Mostly when the driver is lost and asking if I'm sure and I reply with frustration. "Yes! The place is here!"


I think that would be Да, место здесь.

[deactivated user]

    The English translation makes little sense to me. Worst of all, I can't report it as unnatural.


    I thought место means Place? Why are is Duolingo Saying "Seat"?am confused


    "Место" means both, depending on context.


    How do you know which one to use?


    From context? If we are in a theatre then "место" means "seat", if we talk about our place in the universe, then "место" means "place". If it's a learning exercise and the context is not provided, then either is correct.


    I agree with the previous replies, you would never say "this place is here" in English (or other Germanic languages). It's grammatically correct, but it's completely redundant and bizarre. If this is something, it's an excellent example of the "to be" confusion phenomenon.

    So, whatever the actual meaning of the expression is (I don't know that yet!), the primary translation needs to be changed.


    "Yes, this place here" seems to be the literal translation and is also what a person says when, for instance, he is telling a taxi cab driver to stop. Although, I think "Yes, this is the place" works also.


    That seems most likely, I think that's how JanisaChatte above described it. I think "Yes, this place" would then also be correct.

    Mods? Devs? (who is it that can do it?) How about changing the primary translation?


    Would "yes, it is this place here" be acceptable?


    Why not "Yes the seat is here" ? место - Seat & Place (?)

    I agree, as an native American English speaker - the translation is beyond odd.


    "Place" isn't even an option in the word-order exercise I just got, so it should definitely accept "seat".


    Why is it not "Yes, this place here"? What am I missing here?


    I agree with you and that is what I put and got marked as wrong. As a native English speaker, this sounds more natural than what they have put.


    I thought the same. Sometimes it's hard to tell what DL wants. I'll report it ... we'll see what happens.


    Reported as well. Its seems odd that what appears to be the most literal translation wasn't accepted.


    When you get it correct it says "seat"; When you look at answer in the comments page it says "place".


    The translation above and the discussion here is confusing. Is "место" here typically referring to a seat or to another place? (e.g., this is the place for applying for a passport)


    Why can't this be "Yes, the chair is here"?


    To clarify: the context of this sentence is at a theatre or on a plane, looking for a particular seat number? That's the only situation I can imagine saying "Yes, this seat is here" in English.

    Also: How would you say "Yes, this is the place" (as in, this is the address we are looking for) ? That's what I thought it was saying.

    [deactivated user]

      Still, in a theater or plane you might say, "Here are our seats" or "This is my seat" or "Our seats are here." It's unnatural-sounding to say, "Yes, this seat is here." The seat is described possessively in a location context.

      "This seat. . . " is used to discuss the condition of the seat or how one feels in it.

      If a taxi, the driver said, "Here?" You could say, "Yes, this is the place." But you are right we don't know in what context this is being used.

      We might say, "Here, take this seat," to discuss sitting next to each other, but that's not what they are discussing here.


      Can someone please explain why "Yes, there's a seat here" isn't a valid translation? Thanks


      "Yes, this seat is here," sounds very unnatural in English. The only place I can imagine it being used would be while looking for an assigned seat, as on an airplane or in a concert hall. Even then, a native speaker would be much more likely to say: "Yes, this is the (correct) seat," or "Yes, this is Seat Number 12-B."


      I had "Yes, this is the seat here." It was not excepted. What is wrong with this; I think it is correct for English?


      Why is here месте instead of место?


      also I'm confused on why "yes, that place is here" is wrong? i thought это meant "this" and "that"?


      "also I'm confused on why "yes, that place is here" is wrong?"

      I think you said English is your native language, mine too; but I'm sorry that's just really awkward phrasing. "That" implies some distance or other removal in English. So saying "That place is here" is, to me at least, the equivalent of saying "That book in your bag is here in my bag". It makes no sense.

      Just because это can mean this or that doesn't mean those uses are interchangeable in every context.


      yeah i agree, but there are a lot of situations where it could be either way and its hard to know which one they mean, cuz that determines the meaning of the sentence a lot of the time.


      One of the drop-down menu choices is "room"


      An I the only one that heard нисто instead of место?


      why not места?


      I do believe that 'места' is the plural for 'место' and as it is 'это' and not 'эти' it is 'this' not 'these', so it is singular.


      It is confusing with assuming a certain situation as the app usually is NOT assuming any special situation but strictly wanting word for word translations.


      I'm quite confused: if "that" were to be the answer then "то" should be used in place of "это".


      Can anyone tell me why "Yes, This space here" is not acceptable for "Да, место здесь "?


      What about "yes, This seat here"; e.g. requesting or providing confirmation in a theatre or plane the seat is correct? Why is this wrong?


      Also why not "yes this is the place here"; like the poster above explained, when you are telling a taxi driver where to stop, or you are looking for somewhere and confirming this is the place (here)


      this is a silly sentence of all the things in a new language to learn. i find this is one of the last sentences i would ever want to learn in any language.


      Why is it "это место" instead of "этот место" ? I thought "место" was neutral. Or is there an error in the translation ? Is it "Yes, it's the seat here" instead ?


      Just realized I mixed up это and этот: этот is for masculine nouns, это is for neutral ones, not the other way around. However I'm still wondering if "Yes, it's the seat here" could be a valid translation.


      How do you tell the difference between 'this' and 'the' when translating from 'ето'


      I'm just assuming here but could this translation sound off in English simply because место has more meaning in Russian than simply "place"? I heard it could mean your seat somewhere like in a classroom.


      The seat and this seat references the same and should, to my knowledge, be regarded as the same in this context.


      It's telling me that the English translation for да, это место здесь. is "Yes, this seat is here". Does this sentence translate to that in Russian? I mean it obviously doesn't, word for word, but, is it accurate in meaning?


      doesn't место mean "place"? not "seat"?


      I was wondering the same thing. If someone answers, it would help me too.


      it is a statement of affirmation


      It says ета места is correct is that right?


      Terrible English


      Why is it not "Yes, this seat/place here", this just feels more natural to say than with the "is"


      Never said that in 30 years of being alive

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