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  5. "Ваше місце номер п'ять."

"Ваше місце номер п'ять."

Translation:Your seat is number five.

November 8, 2015



In English, what's the difference between "your seat is number five" and "your seat number is five"? I choose the latter and it was marked wrong.


I think that the latter one is rather "Номер вашого місця - п’ять"


Ok, that makes more sense. May I ask what case this sentence is in?


Waht do you mean? You have here a subject in nominative (номер), predicate in nominative (п’ять) and object in genitive (місця)


I see. All the cases mix me up; I'm on the app and there is not any grammar lessons here:(


I also chose this and was marked wrong. I'm wondering if this could be a correct translation, seems like an acceptable way of saying it, just not the best. Or I could be wrong and this could mean an entirely different translation of the phrase.


Second one seems very odd to me


Some system errors, as sometimes you write "seat" and it is marked wrong, wanting "place". Sometimes you write "place", and it requires seat. This question was marked wrong when I said your place is number five. Because the previous question I wrote "I'm looking for my seat", and it wanted place. Both questions can and should accept "seat" and "place"


Please add "place"

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