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"Yes, this girl eats mushrooms."

Translation:Да, эта девочка ест грибы.

November 8, 2015



I almost chose this one: да эта девочка ест посуда....


Make up your mind, Duo! Are девушка and девочка the same or not?


For Russians it is ironic and funny, but in one movie a Japanese girl said very romantic about this interesting Russian feature to call every female like "девушка". She said: "Russian men are amazing delicate. They call all the women "девушками" (as girls). If you want to call the waitress you should loud ask her "девушка". If you're dealing with a fifty years old woman you can also call her "девушка". Real "девушки" are also responding to the word "девушка". Any individual of the female sex, except really old ladies, it's a "девушка". It's so cool! This is so big respect for women!"

(the movie "Про любовь" (About love) and the part starts at 53 min. 35 sec. http://clipiki.ru/video/288566/Pro-Lyubov-2015)


I believe девушка means "girlfriend", while девочка means "girl" (in the sense of "young girl" or "little girl", not as in a relation)


No "девушка" is not only girlfriend. The "девочка"is younger then "девушка." When I was a little girl (0-13/15) I was a "девочка". Now, after 15 (and up to 100 years ) I am a "девушка". It is politely to speak (or talk ?) even to an old stranger women on the street - девушка. They like it!:) Also we say" девочка", when we want to tell about gender. She is a girl - она девочка. (Not a boy - А не мальчик). Sometimes men say "девочка" to girls, which older then teenager. In informal conditions. Also: девчонка, девчушка, девчоночка, девчуля and etc. If I came to my friends(and they are only women) I say: Привет девочки but not: Привет, девушки. Все сложно. :)) I hope, that my comment was useful. Извините, если есть ошибки. Мой английский далек от совершенства. :)


Спасибо! Ваш английский ОК есть. (я не могу сказат это об мой русский :) Возмы лингот!


Девушка is girlfriend. Девочка is girl


I am curious. We are being taught -est- but not -kushat'-. But all I hear here in Kazakhstan is -kushat'- (which I do not confuse with -est-).


My kind of gal


Doesn't кушать also mean "to eat"? What is the difference? Is it wrong to say эта девочка кушает грибы?


"ест" is just much more commonly used, the verb "кушать" is something you'd say to your kids or guests at a dinner party. it's not wrong though (so I guess it shouldn't be counted as such)


Ах, так вот почему она думает, что она - собака...

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