"Whose school is it over there?"

Translation:Чья это там школа?

November 8, 2015



"чья школа там" got marked as incorrect. Could это be omitted?

November 8, 2015


It is a less natural construction, but I think it should be accepted as well. Try to report it.

November 8, 2015


Чья школа это там is rejected, purely for bad syntax. Does it violate some principal, or could it actually be acceptable if one intended to really stress "over there" as opposed to "over here" ???

(It would be nice if DL software could say something more appropriate than "You used the wrong word" for pure syntax problems like this!)

April 28, 2018


Чья это там школа sounds outright wrong to me. Is it my problem? (

April 16, 2019


This word order is very confusing for me. When do you put stuff "in the middle" (like in this case, "whose this there school"), and when do you not?

November 29, 2018


Shouldn't “over there" been translated as «вон там»?

December 3, 2018


Чья вон та школа?

March 20, 2019
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