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could i please get some help. im tierd of posting the same thing and new getting an answer.

i cant finish the first lesson in german. When i finish the last question and click continue it just loads and never changes the page. Also, the first time this happened random french started talking. Iv done the first lesson like 6 times and the same thing keeps happening. It wont let me go past.

November 22, 2013



Send an email to support - also, try changing the browser that you are using? Or maybe make sure that all your programs and add-ons are up to date?

But yeah sounds like a bug on their side.


We tested and were able to progress in the lesson. What you're experiencing usually happens when you are using either a satellite connection or a traditional connection that is slow, or behind a firewall. Unfortunately, we can’t change that on our end :/


If you're using satellite internet, you can try turning "web acceleration" off.

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