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Resources for Russian

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Hello guys :) I decided to help everyone find resources easily in Russian, for books, movies, etc.

In my opinion, the best sites for Russian dubbed movies are Georgian sites. Here's the best Georgian movie site: http://www.imovies.ge/ Although site is Georgian, the movies are dubbed in Russian. You will find a button to change them into English whenever you like. Just to help you with the search for movies, ძებნა in Georgian means "search", so you should click there and type the English title of the movie, and you'll find it easily. :)

Anton Chekhov is a nice writer and his books are somewhat easier to understand, so it would be a nice resource for upper beginners. You can find Russian stories of Chekhov here: http://chehov.niv.ru/chehov/text/rasskazy.htm

For advanced learners, here are Dostoevsky's stories: http://loveread.ws/biography-author.php?author=Fyodor-Dostoevsky And for those who prefer somewhat older Russian, here are Tolstoy's stories: http://www.many-books.org/auth/2052/tolstoy_lev_nikolaevich (I recommend you to read both authors, they both are really great).

And here are Pushkin's stories, also for advanced learners: http://www.many-books.org/auth/1684/pushkin_aleksandr_sergeevich

Enjoy reading and watching! :) Happy learning!

2 years ago