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Resources for Russian

Hello guys :) I decided to help everyone find resources easily in Russian, for books, movies, etc.

In my opinion, the best sites for Russian dubbed movies are Georgian sites. Here's the best Georgian movie site: http://www.imovies.ge/ Although site is Georgian, the movies are dubbed in Russian. You will find a button to change them into English whenever you like. Just to help you with the search for movies, ძებნა in Georgian means "search", so you should click there and type the English title of the movie, and you'll find it easily. :)

Anton Chekhov is a nice writer and his books are somewhat easier to understand, so it would be a nice resource for upper beginners. You can find Russian stories of Chekhov here: http://chehov.niv.ru/chehov/text/rasskazy.htm

For advanced learners, here are Dostoevsky's stories: http://loveread.ws/biography-author.php?author=Fyodor-Dostoevsky And for those who prefer somewhat older Russian, here are Tolstoy's stories: http://www.many-books.org/auth/2052/tolstoy_lev_nikolaevich (I recommend you to read both authors, they both are really great).

And here are Pushkin's stories, also for advanced learners: http://www.many-books.org/auth/1684/pushkin_aleksandr_sergeevich

Enjoy reading and watching! :) Happy learning!

November 8, 2015



Thanks for the links!! Incidentally, yesterday, without much trouble I found the text of Quiet flows the Don/Тихий Дон here and here...Despite its being a newer text, I understand it's quite difficult for all its colloquialisms. Anyway, seeing your links and finding the lib.ru site make me think, Russia generally speaking must really, really value its literary heritage, more than I understood. I wonder if that's an accurate impression. I mean, I knew of Project Gutenberg, but these sites appear to offer a lot. On the other hand, maybe it just comes down to differences in how © works.


Шолохов is quite difficult because he uses many regional words (Btw I live in very same region where he lived. My mother told me that she even had seen him once)


Well, Russians definitely love their classical works. :) I love them too, they're amazing.


Thanks very much!

The newer movies are really dubbed well. It's very impressive. Are they dubbed in Georgia, rather than Russia? Do you know if there is any way to add Russian subtitle (.srt) files to these, or to show subtitles in some other way?

Is Tolstoy's prose that much older seeming than Dostoevsky's?


Well, Tolstoy's prose seems like older Russian, because he liked writing that way. :) Of course in Dostoevsky's prose there are old elements too, but not that much as in Tolstoy's.

I don't know how to add subtitles, sorry. And movies are dubbed in Russia, but Georgians love watching Russian dubbing as it's excellent, and Georgian one is bad. :D


Although I haven't read much of either author, for some reason Tolstoy's prose has seemed a bit easier than Dostoevsky's to me. Maybe I have an archaic mind? Anyway, now that I'm finally able to read prose of that difficulty comfortably enough to make it worthwhile, I'll definitely keep this in mind when selecting books to improve my Russian.

Well, dubbing in Russia sure is good, nowadays, then. IIRC, they used to just have one male voice read everything, or there was enough of the original soundtrack in evidence that I (at least) would keep listening for the English (if that was the original language) rather than the Russian.

Anyway, even if the subtitles can't be displayed, they can still be referred to when the actual Russian words that are being spoken are not clear, which happens fairly often with me. And with such marvelous dubbing, these movies will be very enjoyable. Buying them would be even better, it seems to me, but for some reason Russian does not allow actual CDs/DVDs to be bought by foreigners online, which is annoying.

Thanks again!


I think, the reason why some people find Tolstoy more easy (or difficult) to read than Dostoevsky has nothing to do with archaic/modern style of their language. Personally I believe the Dostoevsky's works more.... artistic? (I am not sure that this is a right English word for what I want to say). And being a native speaker I always have much more pleasure when reading him compared to Tolstoy. But perhaps on the other hand Tolstoy is more easy to understand for the foreigners exactly for the same reason - his language is more straightforward.

(Sorry, My English is not perfect, I know ))) )


Your English is very good. I wish my Russian were half as good.

I was thinking about this, too: could it be that reading Tolstoy may be easier for some of us non-native speakers of Russian because we are too ignorant of Russian to notice when Tolstoy's Russian is old fashioned? Or maybe it was just the luck of the draw for me. I've only read a couple of short selections by either author, so I have very little to base my opinion on.

> . . . . artistic? (I am not sure that this is a right English word for what I want to say.)

"Artistic" could be what you wish to say. What would the word be in Russian?

Thanks for your note!


художественный. There is literature in general (including non-fiction ) and literature as art. The "художественный" is used to emphasize the last aspect. Actually, I believe Tolstoy's works to be less art than Dostoevsky's (But it is only my humble opinion ))) )


You're welcome! :) Oh, really? Well, Tolstoy seemed a little more difficult for me, than Dostoevsky :D

Yeah, Russian dubbing nowadays is so amazing that I prefer watching movies in Russian rather than any other language. :)


I saw a few movies in Russia, and one in particular I remember had this exact problem. The Runaway Bride, not exactly a genius movie to begin with, poorly dubbed by one male voice with the original soundtrack audible at many points. Not the best cinematic experience ever ;) heheheheh


Я недавно смотрил и это здорово :-) http://gidonline.club/2012/01/sherlok/


Спасибо :D


Пожалуйста! :)


Спасибо! I am watching 007 Skyfall :) I am watching with English subs, I don't know if its useful to learn, but it's quite cool to listen in Russian and have English subs.


Yeah, I agree, it's actually very useful too :) But even better when you have both Russian and English subs :D


Ideally I think it's better to know more Russian and watch in Russian with Russian subs. Because sometimes what they say and what the English subs say are is slightly different.


Yes, that's true :)


Thank you very much! Can you do the same with russian music or comics ?


Manga on Russian :) I know that you asked comics, but why not :) http://readmanga.me/

Music. They have a lot of Russian music. https://music.yandex.ru/


Excellent! Thank you very much :D


Большои Спасибо!


80 Awesome Resources to Learn Russian Language http://petitepolyglot.com/learn-russian/


OMG!!! OMG!!!! This Georgian site is awesome!!!!!! I can't thank you enough!!!!! Fantastic!!!!!!

Also, you can find an optimal way to watch films with both English and Russian subs here guys. http://explorerussian.com/watch-russian-films-in-a-learning-mode/

You will also find there a list of Russian films freely available on Youtube.

Thanks again, Angelos


And I have something for those who like comics https://acomics.ru


Thank you! Merci! Grazie! Спасибо! :) I am a big fan of Russian literature!


Here are some resources for learning Russian, mainly short stories at the moment but videos and dialogues later on: https://www.repeto.org/learn/russian

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