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  5. "Этот человек ест яблоко."

"Этот человек ест яблоко."

Translation:This man eats an apple.

November 8, 2015



Can "this human eats an apple" also be correct here?


Technically, yes. The most common meaning is "man", though. As if you are talking about some male stranger. Of course, "женщина - тоже человек" (a woman is human too / a woman is a person too), but no one would say "этот человек" if it's a woman.


Now it makes sense. Thanks.


Hi Olimo,another question about another sentence.Could you, please,help me ?" этом город - мой дом." or " этот город-мой дом." What is the difference between "этом" and " этот" ? It puzzle me. Thank you in advance.


"Этом город" is not grammatically correct. The nominative form is "этот город". "Этом" is the prepositional case of "этот".

Этот город - мой дом. Я живу в этом городе. This city is my home. I live in this city.


Wonderful ! You are so prompt with good advices. You seem having a vast knowledge about languages. You can teach Russian as well English on a short and an easily understandable way. Thank you. I understand now where I mixed up with " это" .


Thank you, it is very nice to hear!

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    I entered "this human is eating an apple" just to see if it would accept it. It did not. I wonder if even "this person ..." would have worked. I think it is technically completely correct though, like olimo said.

    Unfortunately the Russian course is hugely lacking in that the tasks reject many alternative answers that are correct, even the "does/is doing" thing is always a problem, it sort of steers you to write unnatural English because once you know the pitfalls you tend to just avoid the ones you know.

    For example the German course understands some fairly complex transformations such as "everything is balanced" -> "alles ist in dem Gleichgewicht" ("balanced" is either an inflected verb, or an adjective, "das Gleichgewicht" is a noun). Of course there are substantial differences between the languages but sometimes, because it seems to be taking years just to add additional correct translations, I wonder if the Russian team is too small for the amount of work needed or too busy to correct stuff? I wish there was a way to help :/


    "This person" is accepted


    Is человек "man" or "person" ? Just before I learned that it means "person"


    read "olimo"s post up there :) it's very helpful


    What is the difference between это and этот?


    Это - this is, этот - this (pointing on something)


    I'm a little confused, when is it есть and when is it ест? Many thanks.


    GENERAL COMMENT: New graphics make duolingo correct/incorrect responses difficult to read. Particulatly hard for my elderly eyes are the pink and red corrections. Please, please change. Previous graphics were fine.


    I've been learning russian on and off for a few years...they used to teach человек as "child" also. Why is this now an incorrect translation?


    Человек refers to a member of mankind. Anyone can be adressed as человек as it is not tied to one gender.


    Hello, excuse me, what is the difference between Это and Этот? I can never figure out when to use which one.


    I read somewhere else that это is neutral, этот is masculine and эта is feminine. I just can't figure out how to determine the gender of the words.


    Thank you. Looks like it may be an all around helpful website.


    Should be able to tap the word for a replay of that one specifically.


    Wau, never thought that I would know so good Russian because my mother language is Serbian.


    This man eats apple should also be correct.


    Not if you mean the fruit. 'This man eats an apple' is correct, or the plural 'eats apples' could be used without an. 'This man eats apple' could be OK if it were an answer to a question about apple flavor like, "Who wants cream pies? I have peach, apple, and strawberry."


    What if we say: "Эта человек"? This woman?


    Is "here a person is eating an apple" wrong?


    Quick question: человек is man or person? I have seen both now.


    It is "man" in the sense of "member of mankind", rather than "male human". So yes, a человек can be female.


    Человек means human not men


    It should be "This man is eating an apple"


    Does 'человек' mean something like the german 'man'?


    huh человек is a human not a man


    Im confused what is the difference between уеловек and мужчина? Both of their definitions are man.


    Человек is in fact person, not man. You can refer to a man and woman as человек


    It wont respond when i say it


    what are the differences between ем and ест? Do they both mean 'eat'?


    I really need more help with the saying of it, its going a little to fast...

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