"My friend is in Germany."

Translation:Benim arkadaşım Almanya'da.

November 8, 2015

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Can the word "arkadaş(im)" be understood as "the one who looks after (my) back"?


The root of it is something like "back fellow/sharer."

"arka" refers to the area behind you (and doesn't refer to your biological back) and "-daş" is an old Turkic root that refers to a person doing some sort of reciprocal action with you. It is sort of like "The only who is behind you and you are also behind them" if that makes sense


That kind of makes me think of two people, back to back, defending themselves and each other from a cruel, scary world ... and I guess that's what friendship is.


OK, thanks.


Why do you teach arkadaş instead of dost?


because it is used much more commonly. It is really unusual to say "benim dostum almanya'da". Dost is especially used in phrases like "gerçek dost"

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