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  5. "Я иду туда же, куда и все."

"Я иду туда же, куда и все."

Translation:I am going to the same place as everyone.

November 8, 2015



I would say, "I am going to the same place as everyone else".


"I am going to the same place where everyone ."

This is listed as an option for this sentence... but, doesn't make much sense to me in English.


The more I study foreign languages, the more I learn about my own native tongue (American English). It's a question of idiom, I think. With "as everyone", the verb at the end is understood: "as everyone [goes]"

Using "where" isn't that different - but idiom requires that you actually state the verb: "where everyone goes". It doesn't sound natural otherwise.

I can't offer an explanation, other than it's idiom.


My screen said: "I am going to the same place where everyone" That's an incomplete sentence in English.


The mispronunciation of все as всё is driving me crazy!


I'm sure we're not the only non-natives hearing this... I'm curious if this is truly considered a mispronunciation in modern Russian, or if it is so common as to be accepted - that все and всё can be treated as homonyms pronounced closer to всё (even if the distinction remains when written - noting, of course, that the umlaut is often dropped in print, even when it IS called for!). Driving us crazy, indeed!


It's not our hears, my dears! It's the vocal synthesis confusing все and всё! Programming error, I daresay!

Actually, most of the time Russians don’t write the two dots above the е, they are able to understand from context which word it is, and so which pronunciation is meant. TTS is not!


While I agree with you, isn't все correct in this case? (It pronounced it все for me.) As in: Я иду туда же, куда и все (люди идут).


It's definitely все (all - everybody), and not всё (everything). The voice synthesis is wrong.


Am I the only "victim" of wrongly hearing я еду instead of я иду? The male voice hardly makes any distinction.


I have the same, but because i mixed up the verbs. Я еду туда же куда и все Does it just mean that we're driving to the same place?

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