"Я иду туда же, куда и все."

Translation:I am going to the same place as everyone.

November 8, 2015

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I would say, "I am going to the same place as everyone else".


"I am going to the same place where everyone ."

This is listed as an option for this sentence... but, doesn't make much sense to me in English.


My screen said: "I am going to the same place where everyone" That's an incomplete sentence in English.


The mispronunciation of все as всё is driving me crazy!


While I agree with you, isn't все correct in this case? (It pronounced it все for me.) As in: Я иду туда же, куда и все (люди идут).


It's definitely все (all - everybody), and not всё (everything). The voice synthesis is wrong.


Could someone explain the use of И in "куда и все"? I don't understand how it translates to "as everyone"


First, there's an implied "куда (и) все [идут]. Second, и is often just an intensifier. It's more or less making it more obvious that it is indeed everyone else who is going to this place.


I'm so thankful these type of sentences - and this unit in general - are here. This is something that I generally understood in Russian, but had a hard time figuring out the construction, so I could say things like "Я иду туда же" but would not say the rest of the sentence (the comparative part).

This unit has already given me much more confidence about the structure.


Am I the only "victim" of wrongly hearing я еду instead of я иду? The male voice hardly makes any distinction.


What is wrong with 'I'm going to same place as everybody'? This bit of the course is diabolical - the arbitrariness of the answers is getting in the way of my learning the Russian, which is a real shame.


You're missing the "the" before same, I think. But I noticed that , in some cases DL does not like "everybody", for no particular reason.


Why is I am going where everyone goes not accepted?


I would report as "My answer should be accepted". Lucky for us suggestions about the Russian are taken on board by Duolingo, unlike for other languages.

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