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Russian Pronunciation(by human(s)) Dictionary

I don't know whether this has been posted or not, so I am posting this. This may help many users who dislike TTS pronunciations. http://forvo.com/languages/ru/

November 8, 2015



спасибо большое!

I do not understand how Duolingo could afford to pay a human for Esperanto, but for a language like Russian that must be much more in demand they only shelled out for this machine voice that is completely unable to teach pronunciation. I can actually feel the remnants of my college pronunciation classes eroding under the onslaught of the horrible machine voice.


http://shtooka.net/ is a similar site.

I am on TTS overload with Russian. In addition to DL I am using TTS to make flashcards on Memrise for another course. But I try to make up for it by listening to lots of native Russian speakers through talk radio, news, youtube, etc. I barely understand any of it but I am getting used to the way the language sounds.

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