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"Een klok is groen."

Translation:A clock is green.

2 years ago


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Does "Dutch" have a different word for "watch"? I used it here (having been misled by an image exercise that had "de klok" together with the picture of a wristwatch) and it wasn't considered correct. Thank you in advance :)

Edit: One lesson later, I've discovered "het horloge" :P In any case, the issue with the images remains - it's not terribly harmful, but it is there :)

2 years ago


Hi all, I originally put in "One clock is green" and it was marked incorrect. What would be the difference between "A clock is green" and "One clock is green". Thanks!

2 years ago


Martin its usally shown by having accents over the "ee"s

Eg Ik ben een man(i am a man) Één man(1 man)

2 years ago