why audio in PTforEN course is so awful?

Dear team, any plans to change this awful audio in your course? it is very bad. Normal speech version and low speech version sometimes are two absolutely different sentences))) it is like an alien trying to reach us through time and space... thanks god no Portuguese nor Brazilian has such an awful pronunciation.

November 8, 2015


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Thank you for your feedback. We're obviously aware of the shortcomings of our text-to-speech voice - unsurprisingly, yours is not the first discussion broaching the subject :)

Why is it so awful? Because it's not up to us to change it; the process of replacing text-to-speech software is decided by people at Duolingo HQ and, if approved, it's only possible during periods of tree versioning (i.e. when we're allowed to make a new, improved version of the course tree and test it to see if it holds its ground better than the previous version).

We're not sure when that tree versioning period will begin, but we'll notify the forums when it does because we obviously want to hear everyone's feedback about how to improve the course. Only at that point will we be able to lobby for these massive changes and hopefully achieve some progress on that front.

Thank you again for your concern and feedback. Good luck with your studies :)

November 8, 2015

do you know of any ways we can subsitute another TTS voice in? Ivona for example?

November 8, 2015

I do recommend using IVONA if you have the need to listen to a TTS recording of a given sentence (and hopefully we'll be able to lobby for them to include one of the IVONA voices in the course when we get to that).

It's not perfect (some of the same errors in terms of intonation from our voice apply to it as well), but the flow of speech and the actual accent are much better to start understanding the sounds and how they mesh together.

I'm not aware of any TTS software available with the same level of relative accuracy, but we're always open to suggestions. If anybody has any ideas or suggestions, please let us know so that we can be more prepared when time comes.

November 8, 2015

Luís, olá, obrigado pela resposta!

November 9, 2015

Olá, Pavel. De nada! Continuação de bons estudos :)

November 9, 2015
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