"Vi har et eple."

Translation:We have an apple.

November 8, 2015



"I have an army" "We have an apple."


It was at that moment, Loki knew he screwed up.

[deactivated user]

    I was waiting for someone to say it


    I feel like one that's supposed to be at normal speed is intentionally fast


    ...and we're not afraid to use it


    Gotta fight those doctors


    When do you use en et or er they confuse me


    Er is the verb "to be," ex: Jeg er en mann (I am a man), and is not in the same category as en/ei/et.

    In general, en is for masculine nouns, ei is for feminine, and et is for neuter. These are all indefinite articles (a/an in english).

    The thing is, if you have a feminine noun, you can choose whether to use the masculine or the feminine article (en and ei). Considering jente is a feminine Norwegian noun, it’s therefore correct to say both ei jente and en jente. Remember that this only applies to feminine nouns. If you have a masculine Norwegian noun, you cannot use the feminine article in front of it. It’s therefore wrong to say for instance ei gutt.

    In this specific case, eple is neuter, so we say, "et eple."


    And what about en appelsin? Why not et appelsin?


    Mantas, you cant say et appelsin. Det er et substantiv... Da blir det en appelsin


    I am new in Norwegian,so every new word i see, i write it in notepad and save it.


    I do the same with the traditional pen & paper, he he.


    You have a Dell computer? Well, we have an Apple! Take that!


    Bokmål - Vi har et eple.
    Nynorsk - Me/Vi har eit eple.

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