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Hey Russian learners! Where are you from?

Western or Eastern Europe? South or North America? Asia or Oceania? Maybe Africa?
What are you learning Russian for? I see many native Russians like I'm here, their intentions are clear - to repeat the training in the opposite direction.

I'm not going to share the information with FSS or DOD, just curious ;)

November 8, 2015



There are more than one hundred answers, and here are some results:

USA (США) 40
Canada (Канада) 10
Australia (Австралия) 7
UK (Великобритания) 7
Poland (Польша) 5
Brazil (Бразилия) 4
Iran (Иран) 4
Argentina (Аргентина) 3
France (Франция) 3
Germany (Германия) 3
Netherlands (Нидерланды) 3
Serbia (Сербия) 3
Egypt (Египет) 2
Italy (Италия) 2
Japan (Япония) 2
Mexico (Мексика) 2
Spain (Испания) 2
Turkey (Турция) 2
Venezuela (Венесуэла) 2
Belgium (Бельгия) 1
Bulgaria (Болгария) 1
Chile (Чили) 1
Colombia (Колумбия) 1
Croatia (Хорватия) 1
Denmark (Дания) 1
Finland (Финляндия) 1
Georgia (Грузия) 1
Greece (Греция) 1
Hungary (Венгрия) 1
India (Индия) 1
Ireland (Ирландия) 1
Isle of Man (Остров Мэн) 1
Latvia (Латвия) 1
Lithuania (Литва) 1
New Zealand (Новая Зеландия) 1
Norway (Норвегия) 1
Philippines (Филиппины) 1
Slovenia (Словения) 1
Sweden (Швеция) 1
(126 replies and 39 countries total)

I am not clear about including the +1 button results here, so this table only represents the number of people who replied here.

(Data updated)


Великобритания (The U.K.) :D


Georgia, Caucasus :)


I'm from California. We have two children who were adopted from the former USSR and are native Russian speakers. We want to travel back to their birth country some day, and I never learned how to read and write very well -- I can get along okay, but I'm illiterate and I want better grammar, vocab, etc.


Asia, Iran! Азия, Иран ^_^ But I've just learned a few words of Russian! ;)


hey how are you???? i'm from shiraz,too!!!!


Thanks! I come from ahvaz! just live in Shiraz ;)


Massachusetts, USA - I work in healthcare and have found that most of my residents that have a primary language other than English speak Russian, Romanian, or Greek. Since I mostly work with Alzheimer's I've found even being able to say 'hello' or 'good morning' in someone's native language can drastically turn someone's bad day better.


I love your story. You have the best reason in the world for language learning. Wishing you and your patients all the best!


Massachusetts, in the northeastern USA. I'm learning because I'm a classical singer and there is too much cool Russian music that I've been scared of approaching. And as a teacher I want to know my way around a little so I don't look like a complete idiot when guiding students into this music as well. Plus I love the challenge. THANK YOU FOR THE COURSE!


Америка .. Но я живу в Японии. (Ниигата) В следующем году я поплыву до Владивостока.

  • 1776

if you will 'пойду' (will go) you will drown somewhere there, because пойду - will walk on foot.

from Japan you can: 'полечу' (will fly, will travel by plane), 'поплыву' (will sail/swim/move by the means of a ship) or just "поеду" (car, train,etc with wheels)



Следующем году я поплыву до Владивостока~


But sailors usually say that their ships "ходят" and don't really love the word "плавать" )))


Spain, moving to Russia anytime soon


America. My husband is Russian and his parents don't speak english. I'm learning so I can finally converse with them... no more translating during dinner! :)


I'm from Japan and I started learning Russian since I always wanted to. I don't know but something about the language just fascinates me a lot.


Canada. I'm learning it for fun and as a challenge, as this is my first language with a non-Latin alphabet, also the first not from Western Europe (the 7th language I'm learning). It's not half as hard as I though it would be, at least so far.

Edit: Alright, alright! I get it, Russian (as all other Slavic languages) is an European language. I've rectified it in my original comment.


Well, when you know 6 languages the seventh is never that hard. :D


Indeed! But I anticipated a bit more of a challenge with the Cyrillic alphabet. Maybe it's not so hard because it's still close enough to the Latin one. I mean each letter represents a sound, unlike Chinese where each character is a word (or a concept) or Japanese where each character is a syllable.


Yeah, that's true, Cyrillic is definitely easier than Chinese or Japanese scripts. :) A little more challenging is Arabic, as it has three forms for each letter and those letters are written tied to each other. :)


Russian is very much an european language in every way except the writing part! :D


Yes, Theron126 already corrected me on that part. Actually, a few other European languages use alphabets other than the Latin one, like Greek and all the Slavic ones that use some variations of the Cyrillic alphabet (as Russian does). I actually meant Western European.


The Georgian and Armenian languages, which are also generally considered European, have their own alphabets (all the letters in Georgian look the same to me). I don't know of any others besides those you mentioned.


Georgian unlike Armenian is not a Indo-European language, but from the unique Kartvelian family. Georgians! Take care of your language.


Georgia and Armenia are both considered to be European countries, so you could call them European languages, although like some other European languages such as Basque, Finnish and Gaelic Georgian is not Indo-European. I actually had no idea whether Armenian and Georgian were Indo-European or not, I knew they didn't belong to any of the three main groups of Indo-European languages.


The definition of Russian as a non-European language is pretty dubious...

By the way, in Japanese each letter represents a syllable only in the Katakana and Hiragana scripts. There are also the Kanji pictograms which are largely borrowed from Chinese. I studied Japanese once but never learned to read it.


You're right. For both your affirmations. Maybe I should have called it a non-europeanish language, or rather not a Western European language. ;-)


Yes, it's quite different from the Romance and Germanic languages, and also from English which is a mix of the two. The Slavic languages are also Indo-European so not wholly unrelated. There are a lot of similarities to Greek, I think.


"There are a lot of similarities to Greek, I think."

Actually only alphabet and several scientific-technical terms


I only ever learned 5 cases in Latin, what did I miss? [...]

Replying here because we've hit the comment depth limit.

There were actually 7 cases in Latin, but only 5 were used widely.


Oh, that explains it. I never got that far in Latin, I was made to study it against my will. I still can read it somewhat but I don't really speak it at all.

Latin seemed a relatively useless language, nobody speaks it any more and everything in Latin worth reading has been translated to English. It's good for a scientist to know, but I always hated science.


I believe it also has been influenced by Latin : it has three genders and 6 cases, just like Latin did. But I'm no expert.


I only ever learned 5 cases in Latin, what did I miss? At least some Slavic languages, by the way, have a seventh vocative case used when addressing someone, but Russian doesn't generally use a vocative case, as far as I know it's only used when addressing God.

Latin also was influenced by Greek to some extent, I'm not sure how much impact Greek had on the grammar. The Romance languages developed from Latin, the Germanic and Slavic I think came from Asia. Latin probably had more influence on the Germanic languages, they were closer and had more to do with the Romans.

[deactivated user]

    Latin had very little contact with Eastern and Southern Slavic languages, so I don't think their complexity is from there.

    [deactivated user]

      Slavic languages, like Russian, are European! Edit: I have seen later comments :)


      I'm from Iran :) . I have many reasons for learning Russian, one of them being our close cultures (I did not think so but after studying about their culture I found out that we live and think very similarly. ) :)


      UK. Но я живу в Россия.


      Да в России. :)


      I'm from Argentina. I can help European people with spanish language. Even if nobody is interested xD


      The name of my grandgrandgrandfather was Kirchner :)


      Canada. I've only done the first lesson so far so I don't know any Russian at all right now.


      Я живу в Шотландии. So I was quite displeased when "football" was not accepted as a legitimate translation because they wanted "soccer" instead :-(

      Edit: well that was timing... no sooner do I post this than I get an email telling me that they've changed the question to accept football. Thanks! :-)


      By the way, the word футбол is just a transliteration of an English term


      I (currently, hopefully not for long!) live in Australia and the reason I'm trying to learn Russian is because I think the Russian National Anthem is amazing.

      I have not heard any better National Anthems (except my country's, Amhrán na bhFiann, but I am biased!). I know there are two versions of the lyrics, but the music is just fascinating and so inspiring.

      Apart from that, quite a few Russians here in Australia!

      Just another pet project to learn more about the world around!


      Here is the XIX century Anthem of Russian Empire:


      It’s better than the US anthem. It’s based off a literal drinking song.


      Сербия (Serbia) :)


      Hi! How difficult is to learn Russian being a native speaker of another Slavic language?


      Hi! It's a little difficult because of accents, but they have very similarities, although between Russian and my native there are sufficient differences in the grammar.


      R из Словении ( I am from Slovenia). Here we speak our own language (Slovenian). It is also from slavic language tree like Russian, so I have spotted a lot of similarities. Finally a language that is a little easier to learn :)

      [deactivated user]

        Upam, da Duolingo bo imel tečaj slovenščine. Hočem učiti se jo!

        (Надеюсь, я написал без ошибок. +_+)


        Upam, da bo Duolingo imel tečaj Slovenščine. Hočem se jo učiti! :) word order matters :)

        [deactivated user]

          Hvala! Thank you!


          United States, New Hampshire. My wife and I finished the french tree, and this language was next on her list. How nice that Duo just made it available!


          А я полька. Я изучаю русский язык потому что я хочу читать русские книги в оригинале и смотреть фильмы. Мне очень нравится русское кино. Простите за ошибки :)


          нет ошибок, насколько я могу судить.


          Ну, разве что пропущена запятая перед "потому что" ))


          Northern Europe checking in!

          [deactivated user]

            Sverige? Finland? :)


            The Netherlands!


            Из Америки, но учусь в Москве woot woot


            United States. :)


            Я живу в Англии, в Йоркшире.

            I live in England, Yorkshire.


            Я американка


            From Argentina, South America. Honestly, I've never thought I would be learning Russian and here I am. I've got to say: it does not seem easy, but I'll give it a try :D


            I'm from the flat lands of Castile, Spain. I'm enjoying the tree so far, it's fun and challenging :)


            I'm from California, USA. I got interested in Russian years ago because I was a chess player and the best chess periodicals are in Russian. Eventually I got a job working at a website associated with world chess champion Garry Kasparov and lived in Moscow for a few years. But I never really learned Russian. So here I am.


            Im from the US my boyfriend was born in russia and lived there until 5 years ago so im trying to learn russian so i can talk to his father (who doesnt speak any english) and so we can teach our kids russian one day


            Я жить в Канада! Sorry my Russian is probably awful!


            I don't have a Cyrillic keyboard on me right now but I will offer some advice to help. You need to conjugate "жить" into the I form, which will change it into something like "djivoo" and Canada needs to be put in the prepositional case. This means dropping the -a and replacing it with an -e. Good luck on your Russian studies


            It seems weird to me that you use "dj" for transliteration of "ж".


            Я живу в Канаде


            United States (New York). :)


            Where in NY? I saw that you were from Upstate.


            Currently in Glens Falls but I may move closer to Albany soon!


            В Австралия ( австрале??)


            В Австралии :) I think


            " В Австралии " is correct


            Из Австралии (from Australia).

            "В Австралии" means "in Australia".


            UK - my username tells you which city.


            Я американка. Я живу в Коннектикуте.


            Not dead is better than undead, Luna! Texas here. Hope this winter isn't too rough out east.


            Edmonton, Canada. Complete beginner but really enjoying the course!


            Я живу в США.


            You missed the preposition: "в США"

            [deactivated user]

              Lengyel, Magyar két jó barát!


              Te lengyel? Magyar, Lengyel, két jó barát!


              Я Американка а я переехала в Россию два года назад. Мне нужна практика!!! )))


              NZ for me. I just love how Russian sounds.


              Я ис венезуела!!

              • из Венесуэлы. :)


              Привет леонардоперезс! Я тоже из Венесуэлы :)


              Я - канадка ( живу в Торонто)! )) А вы?

              В Торонтском Унверситете я учусь русский язык. У меня тоже много други в России и хочу говорю по-русски вместе.

              (sorry for my mistakes if I made any; corrections would be greatly appreciated!)


              *я учу русский язык. Также у меня много друзей в России и я хочу говорить с ними по-русски.


              Спасибо большое, kirula! However, I'm not sure about "я учу" -- "I teach." I don't teach Russian; I'm learning it (therefore, I used "я учусь" which is the proper verb "to study/learn" here.) :)


              I learn (a subject) = я учу / изучаю (какой-то предмет / науку).
              I learn at school = я учусь в школе.
              I teach children = я учу детей.
              I teach at school = я преподаю в школе.

              I wish you success and good luck! :)


              Thank you for all your help and patience; I really appreciate it ^_^ (it also helps clear up some confusion I had in class the other day about these verbs.)


              "я учу" верно. Можно "я изучаю русский язык". I teach and I learn are the same "я учу". It depends on context. Сил Вам и терпения в изучении! ))


              Ah, изучаю. That's the one I need. Thank you once again! :)


              to be completely correct the whole phrase is: I learn russian - я учу русский язык I teach russian - я учу русскому языку


              I learn Russian - Я учу русский
              I teach Russian - Я учу русскОМУ


              I thought изучать was for when studying a language, whereas учить could be used for all other subjects. (I mean just studying here, not teaching) had quite an extensive class on this but my memory may be letting me down.


              It is ok to say: Изучать физику, химию или математику. For me it sounds even better than учить физику. In my opinion учить is a little bit colloquial, whereas изучать is associated with a more serious and profound process. But again, it's just my opinion and my sense of language)

              Изучать can also be a synonim of исследовать (to explore, to research).

              Изучать пещеры - to explore the caves.

              Изучать рынок - to investigate the market


              Hungary, I'm learning because I like Кипелов (russian rock band).


              Nice taste! Кипелов and Ария are great!


              Hmm ... I'm from neither Eastern nor Western Europe .... Central Europe, I would say :)

              [deactivated user]

                I am from Poland (Europe, some people say that Poland is in USA). I have very (sadly) long history with Russia (3 occupations and WW2), but we have no problems now in this century.


                "Europe, some people say that Poland is in USA"

                Some people also think that Georgia is in USA ))


                Hehe, no problems you say? :)

                • 1776

                you mean that plane crash back in 2010?

                [deactivated user]

                  I can't believe there are people who think Poland is in the USA -_-


                  Колорадо, в Америке (США).


                  Ja iz Danii, Severnoj Evrope.


                  Гавайи (США) :)


                  I am from Latvia. Do you know this country? :)


                  (если ошибки сделаю, пожалуйста поправьте меня) я из голландии. всегда трудно объяснять, почему какой-нибудь язык особенно тебе нравится, людям всегда интересно какая-та польза (ну конечно в (на?) Duolingo людям менее интересно). но не могу объяснять почему русский язык меня так интересует, можно сказать я изучаю его просто так, просто, потому что я люблю языки, и считаю русский красивейшим языком. с Duolingo я могу узнать такие вещи, которые не на занятиях услышишь. это действительно хорошее дополнение)))


                  Лишь несколько мелких ошибок. Молодец! Успехов в дальнейшем изучении языков!

                  • интересна некоторая/какая-нибудь польза
                  • на Duolingo
                  • не могу объяснить почему
                  • на занятиях не услышишь


                  спасибо большое))) тебе тоже успехов, с твоими языками!


                  Зачем вам учить русский? Вы его уже знаете!


                  :) спасибо, но я думаю иначе, узнать можно всегда больше. у Duolingo совершенно различный образ учения и другие слова считают важны, как в университете. итак всё ещё очень полезно.


                  Да, пожалуй вы правы. И языку никогда нельзя научиться "до конца".


                  Я из стамбула!


                  Toronto, Canada. Торонто, Канада.

                  I've been interested in Russia; the language, culture and everything there is to learn about Russia since I was about 8 and have only just started trying to learn! Duolingo did a brilliant thing by adding the Russian course! I would love to learn it well enough to read and write Russian Braille.


                  I'm an American, and learning Russian is both an interesting hobby and a good way to keep in touch with my wife's family. Plus the translations of the Strugatsky brothers' novels into English I've run into so far haven't been the best, so I get to avoid that.

                  I'm mostly here to improve my spelling and speed up my typing, as well as fill in any odd gaps in my vocabulary that might have cropped up. I also contribute by filing error reports.


                  California :D My family is from Russia and I want to improve my fluency in the language


                  Лос Ангелес, Калифорниа! Los Angeles, California! I'm learning Russian because of family heritage and I've always been intrigued by the language.


                  *Лос-Анджелес :)


                  Australia. I first became interested in Russia in 2006 when I was living in Spain and the only book I found in English was The Bronze Horseman. I have learnt Russian on and off since then, and I was even accepted to teach English at a school in Samara, Russia, but unfortunately for personal reasons I had to turn it down. I'm now learning again to one day travel and explore what is a daunting but fascinating country. Reading Russian literature in its original form would be a fantastic feat one day.


                  США - в Майне, в маленьком городе на побережье, Белфаст.

                  [deactivated user]

                    В Мэйне*


                    The Isle of Man :) Just started trying to learn some Russian because I like it...


                    From Sweden! I've been waiting for this course for so long!!


                    Здравствуйте! Я Американец. I'm learning Russian because I hope to study abroad there this summer. And also because it's interesting and bada**!


                    I am from merica)))

                    Я из Оклахомы. Над Техас!


                    Над Техасом :)


                    That's interesting... Why is it called техас in Russian instead of тексас? I guess it makes it closer to the original Spanish pronunciation than the English?


                    I do not know :) Anybody first says :"Техас", and everybody start to repeat! Maybe so...


                    I think it happened historically. :)) Non-native geographical names change in any language for many decades and centuries, adapting to the language. This applies not only to "Texas". For example, you say [ˈmɒskəʊ], [ˈrʌʃə]. However, "Moskva", "Rossiya" are correctly. We say "Germaniya" (Германия), you say "Germany", Ukrainians say "Nimetchina" (Німеччина). But the Germans call their country "Deutschland". :))
                    (Sorry for possible mistakes in my English:)))


                    Well - for what it's worth, the name of the state was originally Spanish and actually pronounced like the Russian version (I think it was sometimes spelled Tejas?). In Spanish language placenames in that part of the world, the letters "x" and "j" are both pronounced like Russian "х". So it's the English speakers who changed it away from the original...


                    Clear. Thank you! I get a lot of new knowledge from the users of duolingo. And not only English Grammar. :)) I like it. :))


                    In Spanish "x" is pronounced like "s" or "ks". Only in the words "Mexico" y "Texas" is like Russian "x". :)


                    @ kirula
                    Спасибо, Юлия! (Я правильно озвучила Ваше имя?)


                    Всегда пожалуйста :)
                    Да, правильно.


                    @kirula that's true for English or Greek loans, but in terms of placenames derived from Nahuatl (not just Texas, México but also Oaxaca etc etc) the X is generally a kh. Then for loans from Catalan or Basque it's usually "sh".


                    Pués, no voy a discutir, no soy ninguna linguista. Lo que escribí está en todos los manuales de español para rusos y no solo allí. Estoy de acuerdo que hay más palabras con x=j, no solo esas dos. Pero creo que no son bastante para decir "In Spanish, the letter "x" and "j" are both pronounced like Russian "х".

                    "En el castellano antiguo se escribía Don Quixote, Xavier o Ximénez, que pasaron a grafiarse Don Quijote, Javier y Jiménez.
                    de wikipedia


                    @kiruna Sí, tienes razón - the way I wrote it originally was not correct, as you point out... I will edit my original post. I'm not an expert in Spanish historical linguistics either, but the Don Quixote example you gave referring to older Spanish spelling of X/J, it brings to mind the name "Xavier", which usually in modern Spanish is written "Javier" but is from the Basque given name "Xabier", which in Basque is pronounced with a "Sh" at the start. But at that time, Spanish would read the "x" as a "kh", hence the Spanish pronunciation diverging from the Basque one (and now leading to the modern spelling with a J, and writing a V instead of B due to the Spanish B/V merging thing). Although years ago, I had an Ecuadorian girlfriend whose father was named "Xavier" pronounced with a "kh", so some must have kept the X.


                    Привет я француженка



                    And, to be honest, I find it hard, learning Russian from English here on duolingo ( and here only, because of the concept, as that fellow Russian member wrote, you can say one thing in many different ways in Russian, and that is a problem for duolingo currently ), since I start to think in English to Russian, and I am Croatian native speaker, so I have a really huge collision in my head then, since Croatian is also a Slavic language.

                    Until mobile version comes out, I won't go further, because it is such a PITA to work with on screen keyboard, and currently I don't have Russian one.

                    I've been learning Russian, intensively for one year, but learned it also couple of years ago, came to A2 degree.


                    Ваше желание выучить русский язык, даже таким сложным путем, заслуживает уважения.
                    Your desire to learn Russian language, even in such a complex way, deserves respect.
                    (I hope that I wrote correctly in English?) :))


                    United States -Buffalo, NY I'm learning Russian because it's there to be learned =)


                    Чикаго! (Chicago!)


                    North America,The state of alabama


                    Я из Болгарии. Я изучаю русский язык, потому что интерес является языком


                    хм, а я слышал, что у нас нет языкового порога. Это не так?


                    Откройте болгарскую википедию, и поймете, что это явление работает только в одну строну. Почти так же как в паре португальский/испанский. Церковнославянский помогает нам понимать болгарский, наш язык им совсем не понятен.


                    I'm in Newark, NJ but I'm from the Albany, NY area. I took Russian in high school/college and loved it, so I'm glad to have a refresher course. It was only when I was an adult that I realized that having churches with onion domes was unusual.


                    здравствуйте всех! я живу в Бразилии! я изучаю по-русски потому что русский язык мне нравится! я думаю что это очень красивый язык!

                    Hello everyone! I live in Brazil. I study russian because this language pleases me. I think that it is a very beautiful language!

                    I'm having a hard time typing this... it takes a long time to get acquainted with guessing new letter positions. So hard...


                    "Здравствуйте, все! " Or "Приветствую всех!"
                    "Я изучаю русский, потому что..." :)))


                    Chile, South America


                    I'm an Australian musician living in Taiwan. I'm learning Russian because one of my band members is Russian, and I want to know if his jokes are just as bad in Russian as they are in English!


                    Best reason ever.


                    North America, I used to practice with an Estonian bf years ago and I miss the language. It's so beautiful.


                    I'm from Sao Paulo, Brazil. A part of my family is from Russia, but now only my grandmother is alive and she doesn't have anybody to talk to her in russian and she doesn't want to forget the language. So I'm trying to learn! :D


                    I am very touched by your words! It is so nobly! You are very caring. Thank you :))


                    я француз, но я живу в канаде!


                    hi. i have a problem.i don't know russian alphabets:-( could you help me??


                    Ana, you will have to study them by writing words in a paper. I suggest you learn the cursive letter as well, because it helps you fix words more quickly (don't ask me why, it just does)


                    thanks. but they seem confusing!!


                    Австралия!! Currently living in Sydney, studying international politics and learning languages because it is so much fun and could lead to more work opportunities one day :)


                    I'm from Eastern US, although I have a bunch of Slavic relatives, mainly Ukrainian, but a few Russian, so I'm learning both languages.


                    I'm from Ireland which makes Duolingo a pain in the hole because they expect you to use American English every time.


                    then you are learning two languages at once!


                    Привет ! Живу в Франции :) I've always been fascinated by Russia (the language, the history, the culture). I would love to go there and travel in Siberia ! I'm also learning because I made a bet with a friend that in three years from now I will be able to read The Master and Margarita in the original text ^^.


                    NorCal - Northern California. Because of the trans-Siberian railroad that I will take one of these days! I am finding the course a lot of fun, learning a new alphabet amuses my brain :)


                    Я в Австралл. Я учил русский язык в университете (2000-2002) но я забыл всо... Trying to refresh my memory.


                    Я из Австралии.... но я забыл всё You forgot nothing. Good luck:)


                    спасибо! whoops... Typo on Aвстралии and всё... It's coming back, so it's mostly still in my brain somewhere, but I'm very rusty.


                    I'm from Michigan, the gigantic mitten in the United States. I've been wanting to learn Russian because one of my favorite cartoons when I was a child was "Ну, погоди!" and it always bothered me that I didn't know what they were saying.


                    Oh, don't worry! Tell You a little secret: the Wolf and the Hare almost nothing they say in the cartoon. :)) I hope You will not refuse to study the Russian language after that. :))
                    But the cartoon is really great! I also love it for many years. :))


                    Please, correct my mistakes in English. Thanks. :))


                    I know, but on the rare chances that they did say something I wanted to know what they were saying. :) Don't worry, I'm going to study Russian, the cartoon only sparked my interest in it. ;) Also, your English looks fine to me, but I am not the best at grammar/tenses.


                    Я из Германии. Сейчас я живу в Швейцарии. I was in Russia last month and I didn't understand a lot. Now I try to improve my russian. Thanks for the course.


                    Привет! I'm from Venezuela :D я хочу говорить по русски потому что я буду изучать в Росии :) don't know if a wrote it right jeje


                    "я хочу говорить по-русски, потому что буду учиться в России".
                    Удачи Вам! Good luck! :)


                    Thank you Rizdvo for the corrections :D


                    Здравствуйте, я из Мексики))


                    Portland, OR, USA, one of the most Russian cities in America, though you wouldn't know it. Oregon is the only state in the USA in which Russian is the third most popular language, after English and Spanish.


                    I'm from Germany. I'm learning Russian because I adore Russia. Its history is so interesting to me. I also want to be able to read "Anna Karenina" in its original language.


                    Tolstoy's language is quite difficult even for natives. Good luck with your Russian studies!


                    Привет всем! Я очень знаю что это может быть поздно, но мне тоже хочется сказать откуда я...
                    Я из Колумбии, я родился и я живу вот здесь!


                    Hi! Be the first from Colombia here.


                    Hello. I am from India.

                    I have always been in love with Russian culture, their rich literature, the scenic beauty of the vast country. I love travelling & Russia is one of the top destination spots in my list. I cannot wait to go on the famous Trans-Siberian train journey from Moscow to Vladivostok. I want to read the works of Dostoevsky in original. I think these are motivations enough.


                    Fashionably late to the party, as always. Я из Нидерланды.


                    я из США and I really don't have much of an answer. I like to learn languages and a few years ago I had to make a decision. At Barnes and Noble I looked at the language section and I just decided that Russian would be the best place to start. So I got a couple books and then Duolingo opened up the Russian lessons and I came here.

                    If I could I would learn the language of where my grandparents came from Finland and a little Swedish as our last name derives from there.


                    I'm Egyptian. Most of people from my country learn languages for close practical reasons. If you roll over their interests (other than English of course) you'll find German and French at the top of the list, and it's mostly because in Egypt there're the so called "language schools" (mostly French or English) or for continual abroad studies (mostly to Germany).

                    For me, I currently have no close practical reasons, it's a challenge for me.

                    I learnt that according to FSI (Foreign Service Institute of the US department of state) Russian is considered a category 4 language (there're 5 categories to denote the hardship of learning a language for a native English speaker), not to mention that German is a category 2 language and French is a category 1 language, and of course, Arabic is at category 5. So, I asked myself, why not to take Russian, I didn't took it before in school like English, it has fairly different alphabet (I soon found it quite easy to learn, but reading words needs more and more practice), and it's also a well-known and respected language.


                    Interesting, you're the second (at least) Egyptian here. Good luck with your Russian!


                    спасибо большое


                    Im from Serbia and also u spelled serbia wrong in serbian. thats russian


                    I am from New Hampshire, USA.


                    IRAN, my original language is Persian and i want to speak with my wife in her mother's language, Russian ;)


                    Now Iran is in the top-6!
                    Don't you call your language Farsi?


                    Yes, usually when we are talking face to face with an Iranian in "Farsi" or using "Persian Alphabetic" to writing about this, we say Parsi or Farsi and they are same as we know, in fact we can follow this to find out root: Perse (The Greek called these people who called themselves Aryan, "Perse"; as we see in this old word: Persepolis) => Persian => Parsi (After the Arabian Alphabet became to ...) =>Farsi because the Arabian Alphabet doesn't have any "P" or "G" or "CH" or "ZH" pronunciation and they changed pronunciation of any of above letters to: P => F G => J or K CH => J ZH => Z and this is optional to called this language any of above names. in formal speech especially between that part of Iranian who like to use Persian origin words we say: Parsi as Ferdowsi (Great poet of Iranian) says in Shahnameh. and in many social networks when we talk about this language, we called it "Persian Language" as we can see in many Programs like Windows and other softwares.


                    I saw your articles about Russian language right now, and they are very helpful, thank you. and please don't laugh at me, because i find out right now that this article "Hey Russian learners! Where are you from?" has been written by you! sorry for my distraction. and I will be glad to hear any advise about learning Russian from you.


                    Being a native speaker I can hardly give you recommendations. As you know, natives don't learn the language, they get used to using it. Speak with your wife ;)


                    Спасибо, Good advise, I can't do that right now, but few months later I will do :)


                    Brazil!!! :3 make it 4 in this list hahahue


                    Canada. I have loved the sound of Russian for a long while. I'd like to be able to talk to Russian friends in their own language, read the poetry and literature, understand songs and movies, and visit there (the weather and geography are similar, so those are no obstacle).


                    I'm from Romania


                    USA, Midwest. I run an ask blog for a Russian character, and I wish to be able to know the language better. I also want to work for the government some day, and I think it would help to learn Russian. I already know quite a bit of Spanish (not using Duolingo lol). I’m sure most Russians on this website though are all ordinary people who just want to learn a language, like me.


                    Я из Иллнойса в Америке

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