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"В этом месте читатели всегда смеются."

Translation:At that place, readers always laugh.

November 8, 2015



Does this mean 'that place in the book'? The first time I came across this sentence I was really confused, this time the meaning occurred to me, but I wasn't sure if that was what it meant?

[deactivated user]

    Yes, it means a place in the book.


    Спасибо! I either never knew or forgot that it could mean a more metaphorical kind of place!


    And does the English "place" work in the same way?


    Yes, you can definitely be at a particular place in a book - I just sat here thinking about it going "I've lost my place" and other various versions of it, and it definitely works.

    I think probably I personally might be more inclined to use page, but I think that's pretty much personal preference, I can't think of an expression where 'place' doesn't work just fine.


    And what about "part"? would the sentence "the readers always laugh at this part" sound natural?


    Spot I would understand, but it would sound unusual to me, I think, and I wouldn't be likely to use it myself, I think


    @ Anne-cz

    Yes, it sounds natural, although would be more common without "the."

    And looks like it wouldn't be the first time "место" was translated "part" in reference to a book: место в книге.


    It first bears noting that that the English translation here doesn't really seem natural. The idea of "at that place" should go after "laugh," in keeping with the common distinction in English and Russian word order in expression actions in a place.

    However, "Readers always laugh at that place" sounds much more like a reference to the physical location (e.g. coffee house, park, living room) where they are reading, sort of an odd statement (are we talking about a clubhouse for laughing readers?). It really ought to be "Readers always laugh at that place in the book." On the other hand, to me at least (AmE speaker), "Readers always laugh at that spot" carries the intended meaning of "point in the plot" and sounds completely natural, just a bit less formal than "place in the book."


    @piguy3 I see. Thanks a lot! :)


    Agree, this is unnatural in English i would say at this part in the book.


    I just now realized that читател refers to a person that reads a book and not someone who reads books out loud for others as a job.

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    once again very bad english


    Translation: At that place readers always laugh


    Wouldn't в этом месте be "this" place and not that?


    It could be but needn't be. The dividing lines between этот/тот and this/that are pretty different. Тот is used a lot less than "that."


    Even readers sounds unnatural , i would more likely say people


    Can читатели be readers as in newsreaders on radio or tv?


    Shhhh this place is a library. No laughing.


    At that place readers always laugh

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