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  5. "Я мию посуд."

"Я мию посуд."

Translation:I am washing the dishes.

November 8, 2015



"I am doing/washing dishes" should be an acceptable answer. In "I am washing THE dishes," the article the is unnecessary.


Don't clutter the comments, please. Yes, your reports have not been checked for years. But how spamming the comments will speed it up? :)

Fixed now. Because there are people with more free time now (me), remember, it's not our job, we don't get paid for it, we have jobs in real lives and not that much free time. And because there are better tools for accessing reports now.

Please stop spamming when you see a bug. Reporting will help because it will push the sentence up in the number of reports. Commenting will not.

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Will anybody correct the bug?


Де мій гаманець? У мене немає гроші на вечерю, так я мию посуд!


Немає чого? грошей

So fast - Так швидко (so much, French tellement)
So I did that - Тож/отже я зробив це (therefore, French donc)


Thanks! Your corrections always help me improve.


What's the difference between тарілка and посуд?


Тарілка is just a plate. Посуд is the general word for dishes, as in the pile of cups, plates, bowls, and silverware, just waiting to be washed and put away.


A sentence I hope to never have to use.

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