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Done with the German tree

I just finished the German tree! It's all gold now and I plan on keeping it that way. Honestly, I think Duolingo has helped me a lot and now I'm further motivated to continue learning German. I am even thinking of sitting a DaF exam next year but we'll see. :) In the mean time I started learning Russian/being a native Bulgarian is very helpful since I can read and understand most of it /and Italian and so far I find both languages fascinating in their own unique way. German is a tough language to learn and I wish you all guys good luck! You can do it!! Ich wünsche euch viel Spaß beim Deutsch lernen! :)

November 8, 2015



Herzlichen Glückwunsch!


Congrats! I'm about 3/5 done, and seeing other people finish is motivational!


Thank you! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! It's a bit tiresome at some point because of the new words and the repetition but I'm sure you'll conquer the tree soon! :)


i am only at phrases good job


Thanks! It's always hard in the beginning but putting efforts into something always pays off.


i am finaly on intro and acc case


Prost! I will soon get there! In German, I'm 54% fluent and I need 20 more Skills to complete the tree! All of the other Skills are Gold, except for Math, Banking, Abs. Ob. 2, and Cond. Per at the moment, will complete those soon! Wish me luck!


Good luck! That's how I did - by keeping the tree golden even though some days it took me more time to strengthen some skills than learn new ones. Ich drücke dir die Daumen!


Excellent! Nice work. I'm still a beginner on the German tree. I made it up to 20% fluency just yesterday.


Thank you! That's great! Good luck and I hope you'll finish the tree soon!


that motivates me to continue to learn german! as you said, it's pretty difficult to learn! wish you luck for russian and italian! :))


Thank you! I'm sure you'll manage to do it given you keep yourself motivated! :)


grazie mille!! :D


Congrats!Keep it up!:)))))


An inspirational writing- because of not only seeing your successful completion of the "Tree", but also your enthusiasm and feeling of capability to be an independent user of German. Also, the last sentence of yours is quite sufficient evidence of your good German that if you have achieved this only through Duolingo. I am now much more keenly solicitous to continue my way on conquering the German tree ( standing at 1/5)

One more point that grabbed my attention is your interest toward languages that are utterly targets of mine in not far future. I am Azerbaijani and considering vast amount of Russians here, my poor understanding of it inhibits me in my profession, in general, business world. I have aimed learning it and also, besides German, I am so inclined toward Italian. It always seems more elite and cool to me.

One question-How much time did it take to complete the course?


Thank you! Keep up the good work and motivation and you'll see that you'll get better at the language soon! Actually, my reasons for learning German and Russian are also connected with my work in the future, or at least I hope so. :) I started with Italian just for fun but I really like it so far. I took me 42 days to complete the tree but I have to admit that I already knew some of the words because I've been to Germany a few times and I've lived in Austria for a few months. Now I'm fully focused on the grammar and vocabulary and I plan on strenghtening my knowledge of these areas! I wish you all the best and thanks for the support! If you have any other questions feel free to write me :)


Insane Progress! At least for me.. I had no clue about German till this course.'coz in 33 days, I have achieved just level 10. I try to review all previous sessions and do overall timed practices and avoid any ignorance.. That is why I have looonnggg way..

Thank you.. Armload lucks ;)


Herzlichen Glückwunsch! :D


very inspiring indeed :) I've just started the german course. I will keep my fingers crossed for your Italian. all the best.


Thank you! Be persistent and I'm sure you'd conquer the tree soon :)


you are one of the reasons i am doing this because i saw my brother play and i saw you complete the German tree so thank you :)


Great to know it can be done!


It is wonderful. I have 8 % german your disance is awesome! I can speake russian easy and can help you to learn.


Great job !! Im only 15% fluent and it must have been a long time !! Wish me luck !! Gut gemacht !!


Thanks! It took me 42 days but there were days when I completed lots of lessons at once.If you are a beginner I do not recommend going over the tree so fast.

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