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  5. "Where is my coffee?"

"Where is my coffee?"

Translation:Где мой кофе?

November 8, 2015



Can someone please explain when to use which 'my'? Im not sure when to use мое мой мои меня моя?


It depends on the gender of the verb (by the way, меня=me, not my). мой is for masculine words (ending in consonants and sometimes ь), моя is for feminine words (ending in а or я, sometimes ь) and моё is for neuter words (mostly coming from foreign words that don't fit because they end in е о ю... etc.). However, there are LOTS of exceptions to learn. Кофе, according to what I've read, can be both neuter and masculine, but for some reason using it as a masculine word (so, with мой) is preferred.

By the way, it is well worth it to get some kind of textbook/pdf to learn the grammar. You're going to have nothing but headaches without some basic knowledge of gender, cases and declension.


I wrote Где мое кофе, and it was marked as correct.


Yes. That would be helpful. I'll look around on the hints and tips and if I find anything. I'll let you know. :) Пока!


Why is it Мой (masculine) here when кофе ends with a vowel not a constant


This is an exception because it is a foreign word. But! In the modern edition of the rules is allowed to use the neuter for coffee (because many native speakers use it as neuter).


is coffee the same the same as a café?


It's similar to the English,

кафе = a café (the shop)

кофе = coffee (the drink)


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