"Where is my coffee?"

Translation:Где мой кофе?

3 years ago



Can someone please explain when to use which 'my'? Im not sure when to use мое мой мои меня моя?

2 years ago


It depends on the gender of the verb (by the way, меня=me, not my). мой is for masculine words (ending in consonants and sometimes ь), моя is for feminine words (ending in а or я, sometimes ь) and моё is for neuter words (mostly coming from foreign words that don't fit because they end in е о ю... etc.). However, there are LOTS of exceptions to learn. Кофе, according to what I've read, can be both neuter and masculine, but for some reason using it as a masculine word (so, with мой) is preferred.

By the way, it is well worth it to get some kind of textbook/pdf to learn the grammar. You're going to have nothing but headaches without some basic knowledge of gender, cases and declension.

1 year ago


Yes. That would be helpful. I'll look around on the hints and tips and if I find anything. I'll let you know. :) Пока!

2 years ago


why am i going to write russian sentence english letters

3 years ago

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There's a button on the top left that you can click to switch between Latin alphabet and Cyrillic alphabet.

3 years ago
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