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  5. "What are you drinking?"

"What are you drinking?"

Translation:Что ты пьёшь?

November 8, 2015



Why can't I omit ты here?

[deactivated user]

    In colloquial speech, you can. However, what Duolingo teaches you is closer to formal Russian than to colloquial speech.


    Yeah, пьёшь is already conjugated in second person, right?


    7.9.18, the ты form is accepted


    But with пьёшь


    что ты пьёт? why not?


    Because "пьёт" is the third person singular conjugation of "пить". If you want to use "ты", you'd have to say: "Что ты пьёшь?"




    How can I know when translating from english to russian that I should use ты or вы since in English the difference does not exist? Being French I understand the difference since it exists as well.

    [deactivated user]

      You can use either, both should be accepted. (But make sure you also use the correct verb forms.)

      [deactivated user]

        yep, without any context given, use whatever you want)


        Why is it wrong with вы? Что вы пьёте?

        [deactivated user]

          It is not wrong (I am a native speaker).

          [deactivated user]

            1) "е" instead of "ё" is never a typo!; 2) stupid question — all the Russians, including bears, drink either vodka, or tea.


            Is что ты пьёшь? also right?


            In the new, word-selection version there is no вы or пьёте option!!! (Only ты and пьёт, which were rejected!)

            [deactivated user]

              Пьёт is the 3rd-person form, it’s used with the pronouns он ‘he’, она́ ‘she’ and with singular nouns. Using it with ты is ungrammatical (although you would be inderstood, of course).

              With ты ‘you’, you should use the 2nd-person singular form: ты пьёшь.


              Also "оно" пьёт. The neutral form.


              Why "Что это ты пьёте, молоко?" is recommended, while "Что это ты пьёте?" is incorrect?


              Ты пьёте is always incorrect, if it's accepted anywhere you should report it. It should be either вы пьёте or ты пьёшь.


              The answer given after missing this question is not able to be put together from the choices.


              So I used "Вы"instead of "Ты" and I got it wrong. Yet, the top of this discussion has "Вы" in the correct translation (romanized, "vy").


              Hello! Is "ь" silent?


              Yes, it is a soft sign


              Bit different from how russians actually speak.


              Why is что пьёшь ты not acceptable? Does it follow more closely to English in "what are you drinking"? Because German requires "what drink you" and that was more my instinct.


              I answered the same way and, as of April 15, 2021,

              Что пьёшь ты?

              is not accepted as a correct answer. However, I have found several web pages where this variation is used. Admittedly, it is not as common as

              Что ты пьёшь?

              by a long shot (like 32:1), but still, there is some evidence of its use. So, I will report it, but won't be all that upset if it is never approved.


              In Russian, is "что ты пьёшь" closer to "what are you drinking" than "what do you drink?" If I wanted to ask the latter, Is that what "что ты пьёт" means? Duolingo counted that as a typo, but still gave me credit.


              Let me just start off by saying "пьёт" never goes with "ты." As for the first part of your question, "What are you drinking?" and "What do you drink?" are, for the most part, synonymous in Russian and

              Что ты пьёшь?

              is how you would say it/write it. Having said that, the variant — What do you drink? — is really asking "What do you usually drink?" and if you wanted to convey that in Russian, you might want to add


              to it. The adverb "обычно" means "usually." The question would then look like this:

              Что ты обычно пьёшь?



              I replaced ты with вы, why did this get marked as wrong?


              The word bank doesn't give Вы as a choice; just ты. And it doesn't give the you-formal form of the verb пить.


              Bbl is not an option so the answer will always be incorrect if choosing from given words.


              Вы and пьёте werent even avaliable, do why is Что ты пьёт a typo, i selected what was avaliable


              Wouldnt' что ты пьёт or что пьёшь also work? пьёт means 'drink' and пьёшь '(you) drink', so wouldnt' either of these work?


              The answer above is what I gave, and it was not accepted. That'd worse than being arbitrary. There's no way to know when they want the familiar or the formal. I used вы bc in the reverse of this question, the familiar was not accepted. So now the formal is not accepted but above in the heading it is.


              you do it again-what are you drinking-chto ty pyesh [right by google,wrong by duolingo]

              [deactivated user]

                I'm trying to listen to the sounds and can't work out what the letter ь is doing in 'пьёшь' and other words like здесь? Is it some kind of modifier?


                It softens previous consonant.


                What is the correct transliteration of пьёшь? Thanks :)


                It actually doesn't make a difference in german but just to be in the perfecr sight: what time tense is correct as a translation?

                1. What do you drink?(generell) Or
                2. What are you drinking?(for this moment)


                Why was тЫ given as a choice and not вы if вы is the correct choice?


                Где means"where". You should use Что to say "What".


                I can't always type in cyrillic depending on where I'm practising, and I can't for the life of me find a transliteration it accepts for пьёшь. From what I understand, it should be "pyosh'", but that isn't accepted, and neither is posh, pesh, pyesh, push, pyush, or any other variation I can think of. What does it accept exactly?


                Why can't i write Вы пьете intead of пьёшь?


                How am I supposed to know which variant of the same word пьёте I am specifically meant to use in each sentence, because I can't figure it out and I can't finish this lesson because if it.


                What's the difference between что and што?


                The latter is a misspelling and apparently, common enough that it warrants an entry in Wiktionary. See for yourself:



                Please help! What's the correct answer to type "пьёшь" (drinking) in English? I always seem to get it incorrect, and I'm assuming it's because I'm typing the wrong "e." Also, I work on my PC, so if I ever need to, I copy and paste an alphabet I need from the internet.


                What would the word be in first person? As in "I drink"?


                I drink = Я пью

                For more conjugations, use a good verb conjugator. There are several, even for Russian. I personally find myself using Reverso's more than any other. You can see the conjugation for "пить" here:



                I had written the word for drinking but its still not excepting


                "Что" means "What is."


                I have no idea what conjugation means despite looking online. Very confusing.


                Conjugation is making the verb form match the subject. In English, it's things like I go, you go, he goes....


                Что вы пьете? vs Что ты пьёшь? Both are OK?


                Well, to be consistent, if you're going to use the dieresis with ты, I recommend you use it for вы as well. For example:

                Что ты пьёшь?

                Что вы пьёте?

                The other conjugations of this verb in present tense that use the "ё" are:

                он/она/они пьёт

                мы пьём


                Why is it "пьёт"? Shouldn't it be "пьёшь"?


                Each time I tipe the correct answer: что ты пъёшъ, they say it's wrong. Duolingo does'nt recognise my "ё " I guess


                Пъёшъ is incorrect. You are using hard signs instead of soft signs (пьёшь).


                Neither of the correct options are available


                Can you explain what you mean and/or provide a screenshot?


                How does П get softened?


                Why что вы пьёте & not пьёт


                пьёт is the third person singular conjugation. Вы requires the conjugated form пьёте.


                how could I transcript pyesh in English letters


                If you really need to transliterate пьёшь, I'd go with "p'yosh". However, transliteration is not something we recommend doing when learning.


                How do you write the last word with the Latin alphabet - I don't have a russian keyboard!


                please how to tranliterrate the Russion form pyesh or pyoshy It is pity I can not install Russian cyrilic on my desktop and until now I did something in Russiaon course but here nothing Duo please help to continue me the russian course until I bye a new comp

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