"Here is the lake."

Translation:Вот озеро.

November 8, 2015

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I am really confused between "tam" "Bot" and "tyt"

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Там = over there.
Здесь/тут = here. (Тут is more informal, but otherwise the two are interchangeable.)
Вот= here is (stress on "is"!); it demonstrates the object instead of merely describing its location. Think about how you use "Here its is!" in English.

P.S. Bonus material:
Here is (=вот!) a somewhat popular Russian aphorism:
Тут вам не там! = Here is not there for you! (As in: Here is different from over there.)
It is typically used to point out that one should not expect Western standards in Russia. The first Prime Minister of modern Russia, Viktor Chernomyrdin, known for his Yogi Berra-style comments, has mangled it into Здесь вам не тут!, which is, of course, completely meaningless but quite funny since здесь & тут mean exactly the same thing.


Thank you for sharing that little language-bumbling anecdote. I've always loved how knowing a language well opens up so many opportunities for humor, both through clever use of the language, and through poor use of it. I love when I can use deliberately incorrect grammar in English to comic effect, and I think I'll feel I've accomplished one of my biggest language learning goals when I can do the same in Russian. :)


It also accepted "озёро". This is not correct, though.. Is it?


No, it isn't. It should have been marked as a typo.


Спасибо, Theron. Next time, я об.


I don't understand what you mean be "я об". I hope? Я надеюсь.


That's because I messed up what I wanted to say. I didn't verify the translation I received, and then this happens. I (think I) meant to say "Я сообщу." I can't say things in the future yet, so I only know how to say now-variations and get stuck with 'I will report/inform/tell'.


Why does "Oзеро там" and "Вот озеро" differ in word order? I wrote "Oзеро вот" and got it wrong.

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Since "вот" demonstrates the existence/presence of something here, it should precede that thing. "Там", on the other hand, is a mere indication of location and hence both "озеро там" & "там озеро" are OK, although they still stress different information: Russian normally delivers new/important information at the end of a sentence, https://www.duolingo.com/comment/13955228


It says "озеро тут" is the right translation when I typed "озеро там" Can someone explain the difference?


Тут is here, там is there.


How about "Здесь озеро"?


Здесь озеро - The lake is here or A lake is here.

"Here is" is always translated as Вот.


So вот is like saying “i present to you”? “Look here and you will see the existence of...” and здесь refers more to the location “here”?

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Yes, basically.
"Вот" is like "here it is", something you say while pointing your finger at it. Unlike здесь/тут it is not a description of a location.


Why not "Eto Ozero"?


That would mean "this is a lake". Unless you meant "vot eto ozero", that's something like "here is this lake" (e.g. "here's that lake that we were talking about earlier").


Whats wrong with "здесь есть озеро"?


how do I chang the language on a laptop???? so confusing!


Same on all PCs. See the right lower corner where the initials of the current language are, open them and download a new language. I prefer serbian since keyboard are the same, albeit some letters are unique to russian.


thank you, this helped a lot! :)


A late addition: If you or whoever want to change language quickly, you cycle between the different languages using Alt + Shift. This way it is a lot easier to go from serb to rus when needed.


what's the difference between vot and zdes'?

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