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  5. "Тут моя улица."

"Тут моя улица."

Translation:My street is here.

November 8, 2015



Why did the курица cross the улица?


If only you'd used улицу it would have been perfect.


No, just accusative. Genitive doesn't happen unless there's a specific reason.


Shut up and take my lingot


So, what is the difference among the three: тут, здесь and вот?


Тут/здесь: here. Тут is just more informal. Вот means here is/are to draw attention to something


So why is VOT wrong here?


«вот» is wrong here because it's specifically drawing attention to something. It translates almost exactly to "here is," as in "here is my bicycle" or "here is your car." It's a word used to present something.

«вот» (as in «вот моя улица») would be used to mean, "here is my street," as if you're showing your street to your friend.

In this case, with "my street is here," we're just specifying its location. We're not really showing it off or drawing attention to it, just saying "yeah it's right here, this is my street." Since we're talking about where it is and not the street itself, we use «тут» or «здесь».


I might be late to the party, but you can compare вот to voici in French


Yes, good comparison


I have always used вот for "here" as in "here it is" and тут for "there it is" when pointing directly at something, (I am an advanced Russian speaker who travels in Russia a lot.) . Duolingo said I got the wrong answer with "My street is there." But Google translate gives both "here" and "there" as the first two translations of тут.

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There — там.


in general please don't use Google translate for language/vocabulary learning. It's ok if you see something written in a foreign language that you don't understand, but if you want to know like "what does this word mean" and use Google translate... not good. I prefer "open Russian", an online dictionary. Or leo.org.


Вот is used when presenting or handing something, whereas тут and здесь are synonymous. Such is what ive been told anyway


Тут a new word directly in a listening section... impossible to give a right answer


It was the same for me, but I saw the word in the box before starting the exercise, so I got it right, even though I didn't know what it meant yet...

BTW, I always read all the words in the boxes before starting a new lesson, simply because I noticed that sometimes not all new words actually show up when doing it for the first time. That way I can look them up if I didn't encounter them, so I won't be surprised when they show up later and Duo assumes I've practiced them already. It's come in handy more than once. :)


it seems "Тут" replaces sometimes "вот" also, and not only "здесь" (which are not interchangeable by one another)


"Тут" is the same as "здесь" but a little more colloquial. It is not the same as "вот".


But isn't it the case that здесь is more to do with the actual position of something, while вот is like "here" when you are pointing at something or showing someone something?


Just curious... in English translation, I wonder why "This is my street" is not the same as "Here is my street"? in Russian? Are they both different?


This literally translates to here is my street. Is the translation in correct?


Only in the sense of where you're pointing the street out, like on a map. Otherwise "here is" translates as вот.


Why not Вот моя улица


Вот means "here is", not "is here".


Why use тут and not вот or здесь?

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