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"Her legs are long and this dress is too small for her."

Translation:У неё длинные ноги, а это платье ей мало.

November 8, 2015



её ноги длинные и это платье ей слишком мало?


Should be fine.


I asked in a different thread if «мало» meant that something was insufficient, but was told it doesn't mean there's an insufficient amount, it means there's not a lot of something. EX: В Европе мало кошек (and this is much better than немного кошек)

However, here it seems that «мало» means insufficient since we say «платье ей мало» = too small.

In the first example is «мало» an adverb and in the second it's an adjective? Is this the key difference?


These are different words.

  • мало = few or little
  • мало = too small (usually refers to clothes)


Yes. In this first case мало is an adverb and has the stress on the first syllable. In the second case мало is a contracted form of the adjective малый (rarely used by itself) and has the stress on the second syllable.

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