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  5. "This is my pizza."

"This is my pizza."

Translation:Это моя пицца.

November 8, 2015



What is the difference between мея and мей ?


The difference between мой, моя and моё is the gender. Masculine, feminine and neuter.


So how do we know which gender to use? Is it based on the gender of the speaker?


I would love for someone to answer this. How do you know what gender a word is??


In general if it ends in а or я its femenine, if it ends in consonants its nasculine, and if it ends in a vowel that is not а or я its neuter. There are few exception like дада (dad) masculine, but not too many.


If it ends with... о, е- neutral а, я,(ь)- feminine Any other letter (+ь)- masculine

If you don't know ь is a letter that softens the letter before it for example in мальчик the letter ь softens the letter л so you say it a bit softer than you isually would.


Dad is папа not дада


What are the consenants and vowels, is there a lesson feature to duolingo? I still dont know what ж, щ, х, ч sound like.


Instead of дада, shouldn't it be папа?


I need to correct you on this one. "Дада" is not even a word. "Папа" means dad.


дядя is uncle, probably he confused the pronounce. The words that represent masculine figures are masculine, even if it ends with -a: дядя папа мужчина (man) дедушка (grandpa)


When Talking about a Male, You can usually notice that the word ends with the English equivalent of O or I. When Talking about a Female, You can notice That The Word ends with The English equivalent of A.

For example, "Maya" Can be seen as, "Mine" when A Female is Talking, Or You can say "Mayo" For when a Male is talking. Or In different Terms, A Male can also say "Moi" Which also means "Mine" except its used in different situations- Ahh, Its so complicated even for me! And I've spent my whole life speaking Russian, Haha.


that's really helpful thanks a lot..


This helped alot thanks


It is something you have to learn as you go. Like German every word has a gender.


What is different between мой а мои?


Мой is masculine Singular, мои is Plural in all three Genders (masculine,feminine, neutral)


So "пицца" is feminine?


ou, sorry)) yes, it's feminin


If you don’t know what gender is then look at the dictionary. Then you have to remember it. Just 'cause there are rules, but also there are lots of exceptions to the rules. For example, masculine and feminine words might end with the letter "-ь". Дверь (a door) is a feminine gender, but Зверь (a beast) is a masculine gender.


Да, это женский род.


Omg i had wrong about it too☹


why dont they make a level to show you how to use words such as мой/моя


How do I know when to use моя\мой


I think мой is a male thing and моя is female.


Does это change with gender? Based on this sentence, 'no'?


It can, but it depends on usage. There's an explanation of how to use это here:



How do i know when to use мой and моя? I know that they're based on gender (masculine and feminine) , but why doesn't мой work here too?


I can't type Russian with an English keyboard.


I got a new keyboard for this reason. Except it was for the Korean course. Also, I sneeze a lot in my house. there aren't any flowers, I live on the ninth floor of my building. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME


Random, but i am thinking maybe a neighbor has a pet? Even if its against the rules, people don't really listen ._. Also could be some material, maybe something you commonly wear, or something like a couch cover perhaps? Maybe its just dusty


You can download gboard, Google's keyboard app. Then go to settings and include Russian as a language. To switch between languages press on the globe on the bottom left of the keyboard


You can download a russian keyboard (even with your standard android keyboard in settings.)


You can go to your settings and add a language


Just add Russian keyboard to your phone...


It would be helpful for the Russian lessons to have questions drilling us on the sounds of the letters like French and arabic do.


It would. I'm just brushing up on my already fluent Russian, and all the comments are usually incorrect to a certain degree.


What is the difference between мои and моя for crying out loud!


My answer should be accepted how would i know what the correct in this this case would be? "This is my pizza." = Translation: Это мой пицца. (incorrect) Translation: Это моя пицца. (correct). How could i know which one to use when im just told to translate "This is my pizza." ???


ends with "-а, -я" - always feminine.
ends with "-o, -e" - usually a neuter gender, but can be masculine.
ends with a consonant sound - always masculine.
ends with "-ь" - can be feminine or masculine, you need to look at the dictionary.

[deactivated user]

    How do you learn how to spell this? I have a keyboard but I don't know any of the sounds of the letters.


    ё/Ё - yō (as in yogurt)

    й/Й - y (as in play)

    ц/Ц - ts (as in parents)

    у/У - ū (as in pool)

    к/К - k (as in kite)

    е/Е - ye (as in gell [transcribed, 'е' is usually just an e, but it makes more of a 'ye' sound])

    н/Н - n (as in never)

    г/Г - g (as in good)

    ш/Ш - sh (as in shop)

    щ/Щ - shch (the closest sound I can use as an example is 'borscht'; it pushes more air than 'sh')

    з/З - z (as in zap)

    х/Х - kh (as in happy [used as just an 'h' sound, used for laughter "хахаха/hahaha"])

    ъ/Ъ - hardens a consonant

    ф/Ф - f (as in fail)

    ы/Ы - ea (as in meal, but this sound is more difficult to pronounce for native English speakers. You can look up videos on the subject)

    в/В - v (as in veal, used as a 'w' in certain cases, see 'википедия/wikipedia')

    а/А - a (as in always)

    п/П - p (as in prince)

    р/Р - r (as in regal, but in some cases rolled and in some cases hardened)

    о/О - o (unstressed, as in ostrich; stressed, as in oval)

    л/Л - l (as in lush)

    д/Д - d (as in dog)

    ж/Ж - zh (as in casual)

    э/Э - e (as in empty)

    я/Я - ya (as in yard)

    ч/Ч - ch (as in chop)

    с/С - s (as in sand)

    м/М - m (as in milk)

    и/И - i (as in the y in bunny)

    т/Т - t (as in time)

    ь/Ь - softens a consonant

    б/Б - b (as in bus)

    ю/Ю - yu (as in amuse)

    Sorry if this seems a bit long, but I know Duolingo doesn't go over sounds that the characters make :)


    This is awesome, thank you. I'm going to make flashcards based on it


    It would be better if you heard how someone pronounce it))


    Thank you it really helps a lot


    Oh i wish it would let me copy this to keep it in my notes... Copy doesn't work! Why duolingo? Why?


    http://www.russianforeveryone.com/RufeA/Lessons/Introduction/Alphabet/Alphabet.htm here is a website I found that has a list of every sound and spoken examples


    c2bakos thank you! But OMG handwriting? T is written as m? Nooooooooooo ... I won't ever be able to even read it, let alone write. Wow... And we think it is hard with a keyboard??!! LOL!!!


    Install the language pack on android. Or on Windows install Rus keboard.


    I've been fine to use мой for everything up until now, thank you for not establishing or even mentioning these gendering rules up until now just to drain hearts because of information I haven't been told at all.


    Its a free service. Adjust accordingly. Google is your friend.


    Okay guys, for all the people complaining that Duolingo does not give you enough information to learn: Log in on your Laptop ir Computer, from there you have acces to helpful information to every single Level. You just need to click ok that level you‘re already on and then on the


    Kome je ovo problem nemam takvu tastatutu!!


    How can i get a russian keyboard


    Type your question on google serch but include the device you are using, Samsung note 8, iphone, tablet... you should get some result s from your search


    Google keyboard u can download any keyboard


    In mobile devices go to settings and language. In PC go to language setting in lower right corner, then add a the russian language, go to options in the russian keyboard you just added and select mnemonic keyboard.


    Keyboard russian... configure, go to languages ​​and add the Russian language on your keyboard

    I have a keyboard that is very easy to change to another language on the keyboard, it's called KIKA, just add the language there


    go to russianmaster.com they sell russian covers for keyboards


    Go on then spell pizza!I aint going on with this guff


    Hi, this happened to me too. It's because I was typing in roman letters and not cyrillic. So it depends on how DuoLingo's Russian staff consider your Roman transliterations. And the cyrillic letter in "pizza" is ts. So it would be: pitstsa...I think.


    It is feminine.


    Why is "ето" instead of "это" is accepted as a correct answer throughout this course? I don't get it.


    Because the letter е has two sounds, the letter э is the way to say the second sound of the letter E, they are interchangeable as long as they make the same sound (I suck at explaining stuff, sorry)


    How do you spell пицца with the English alphabet? I can't type Russian alphabet on my computer


    I dont understand why: This is my pizza=Это моя пицца But not Это мой пицца It doesnt state the gender. I think that both should be accepted.


    That's where you're wrong. You cannot make the rules of a language bend to your will because you don't understand a rule. пицца is a feminine noun, therefore it takes the моя form. that's a defined rule of the language.


    "Pizza" is what has the "gender". Since the Russian word for pizza ends in the "а" sound, it is a feminine word. So you use "моя"


    Please help I don't have a Russian keyboard and the romanized version doesn't seem to work. What to do??


    Please read other comments and replies, other people have said time and time again how to download a Russian keyboard. But, since we're here, if you're on a computer, go to:

    Settings>Time&Language>Region&Language>Add A Language and then select Russian from the list (you can type it into the search bar at the top of the screen.)


    How do you write the Russian words without the Russian alphabet and no word bank?


    I cannot make a backward R on my typewriter!!!


    This is a website that is a very good reference for Russian grammar. alphadictionary.com/rusgrammar/index.html#prelim

    I especially enjoyed the method for teaching the cyrillic alphabet. It will make you smile


    I swear the only difference between мой and моя is to throw me off whenever I think i'm doing good.


    The form matches the noun you attach it to.



    Why does the program not give me Russian letters to use to answer? My keyboard will not produce the symbols....


    I know! Lol I appreciate Memrise's keyboard much more by the minute


    so how do you write pizza in english version I was able to write mama, papa, dom, but pizza is not taking, neither is pyzza


    Never mind I rechecked the board and someone typed "pitstsa" and it worked.


    How i can write pizza in russian pizza,piza..?


    If you want to write it in Russian, it пицца.

    The transliteration is pitstsa, with one "ts" for each "ц".


    how do I type in russian typology


    how to enter the russian signs on the keyboard??


    Shouldn't it say "maja Pizza" and not "moj Pizza", as Pizza is feminine?


    How do you do English literation for pizza in Russian?


    I am being asked to type this in Russian and my keyboard does not have the capacity to type in Cyrillic. I have not learned the proper English translation for the 3rd and 4th Russian letter in Pizza and the app will not let me go on. Anyone out there have any useful suggestions. (I have tried "zz, tctc, tztz")


    So I used the recommendation that the sound ts =the 3rd and 4th letter of pizza written in cyrillic and it still will not let me progress. Can whoever set up the program advise, as ZI am at a loss. Thanks.


    When written in Cyrillic it is пицца. The transliteration pitstsa also works (I checked), though, this feature ceased to be officially supported years ago.

    There are, however, some words that you will not be able to transliterate. For example, детский does not accept any transliteration I tried.


    My opinion is that if you want it translated into Russian then please provide a format for Russian alphabet; if you want phonetic translation of cyrillic, then accept that . It is not a good idea to mix cyrillic alphabet with phonetic interpretation. Also please standardized phonemes/sound byts that we can use for cyrillic letter substitution.


    Окей didnt know pizzA was feminine


    I didn't find the thing like a "r" for "a" in my russian keyboard...


    Do you mean Г ?


    no way to type backwards like R


    You need to get the russian keyboard


    But I have no way to enter Cyriclic font on my computer keyboard??


    Add it from windows settings or use duolingo app on phone


    What's wrong with translation PIZZA = PICCA? I can't pass this :)


    Ц is transliterated to "ts", so double ц becomes tsts.


    What is the difference between мой and моя?


    Gender. But it is "my" in any case. Look at my answer above (or sould i say "up here", I don't know)


    Пица should also be accepted - I've see it in menus all over Odesa.


    Maybe it is Ukrainian. But in russian it is пицца.


    In Ukrainian it's "піца," with "i"


    I cannot get the Cyrillic alphabet on my iPad! I know Cyrillic very well, but I’m not computer savvy.


    Settings→General→Keyboard→Keyboards→Add New Keyboard



    I can't type the Russian alphabet so it keeps saing it is wrong when I type eto moy pizza


    It should be "Eto moya pitstsa". Z transliterates the z sound (as in "zap").

    Be careful, as the transliteration feature is not officially supported; some words a bit later in the course will never work transliterated, no matter what you type.


    Thanks. Actually, I find it's easier to use my smartphone, as I have a Russian keyboard downloaded. On the laptop, I also found the dictionary - so I copy and paste the sentence.


    I am using this website in order to type Russian on the computer. It helps a lot! Another Russian language student on this page recommended it and it works fine. https://www.branah.com/russian


    What is the differen between мой and моя


    It depends on the noun. Masculine nouns use мой, feminine nouns use моя.

    You can usually predict the gender of a noun from the base form. We cover it a bit later with more vocabulary.

    • masculine ones usually end in a consonant: актёр, дом, велосипед, проект.
    • nouns ending in -а/-я, like пицца, Мария or мама are overwhelmingly feminine (unless they mean males, e.g., папа or мужчина).

    Nouns ending in -о/-е/-ё are neuter (e.g., молоко, яйцо, поле, море). There are also 10 -мя neuter nouns like имя "name" and время "time".

    Loanwords can break these patterns (in a certain way); if they do all their forms will be the same.


    I didn't press a . and it counted it as a mistake!


    how can I write in the Russian script ?


    I do not have russian text option


    i have the cyrillic stickers but it is not helping on pizza. if i type the Russian letters it comes out gbwwf. is that correct?


    You still have to switch to a Russian layout. Additional languages and keyboard layouts are available in your settings (e.g., Time & Language on Windows 10).


    How do i install Russo keyboard?


    I cant type in cyrilic and woukd like a way to bypass this type of question


    To be honest I will be using this one quite a lot. This is my pizza.


    Soo pizza is feminine so thats why we neet to put the я in the end???


    Having trouble writing in Russian on my poll phone, only english letters


    I have no russian types on the writing machine. What can I do? I used the transliteration, f. e. "picca" for pizza and this was wrong.


    When to use мой and моя how can i know??


    it says my answer is not correct but i think its correct because i use masculine gender instead of feminime "Это мой пицца"


    How do i change my font so i can type in russian? x


    Why "моя" and not "мой" ?????


    how can you tell when to use "вот моя" and "это моя"?


    "this is my pizza" how do i know if the word "my" is using "моя" not "мой"? it's make me confuse


    The gender of мой must match the gender of the modified noun. Пицца is a feminine noun, so you need to use моя.


    how do i know if the word "my" is using "моя" not "мой"? how to know the difference between them? it's very confusing


    When to use "мои" and when to use "моя" ?


    How to type in russian :(?


    I do not have the Cyrrilic alphabet on my computer. How do I type this?


    Please see this post for information on how to install a Russian keyboard.



    Words that end with я and а and ь are feminine. Some are not.


    Use this https www.headspace to get calmer


    How can I type in russian ?


    Last time i checked i was a bloke... so use мой?


    The gender of the possessive pronoun is not determined by the gender of the possessor, but the grammatical gender of the noun which is possessed. Пицца is a feminine noun, so all adjectives that modify it, including possessive pronouns, must be feminine. Hence only моя is correct.


    Thanks Ben. btw I like your avatar... dsch.


    Ты лжешь. Это моя пицца, дерись меня!

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