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"Папа готовит ужин, пока мой брат идёт домой."

Translation:Dad cooks dinner while my brother is going home.

November 8, 2015



I understand that "идёт" may directly translate to "is going." But, in this context, doesn't it indicate motion toward the speaker, such that "is coming" should be accepted?


I think you're right and it would sound better with "is coming" but I also think this translation just sounds awkward in general. I believe it's more common to say something like "Dad cooks dinner before my brother gets/comes home"


But maintaining the "while" sentence structure, "Dad cooks dinner as my brother is on his way home."


Yeah, think of a christmas eve terribly gone wrong. Everybode is having an argument, dad tries to keep them peacful and makes dinner, but bro is leaving


That is exactly what I thought


I agree, but I suppose it depends on whether the brother lives in the same house or some place else from the speakers perspective.


I don't understand while there are two tenses in the translation. I'm not an English native speaker, but for me it would be more logical as follows: Dad is cooking dinner while my brother is going home. Dad cooks dinner while my brother goes home.


I think general consensus here is that the translation given is kinda crummy. I think "Dad cooks dinner while my brother walks home" or "is on his way home" is probably the closest natural-sounding translation, in essence.


Пока means bye / something else? It really messed me up with this one


Yes it means while/yet/until. It does also mean bye.


so, is it used as a "bye" with some hidden meaning, like "until next time"? Is there an extended sentence that starts with it and has then be shortened to mean bye?


This should definitely be something like, "Dad cooks/is cooking dinner while my brother is on his way home." The current translation is so clunky I don't believe any native English speaker would ever say this.


I think while my brother is coming home sounded fine


It said going, not coming.


Is this 'while' in the sense of 'whereas', or in the sense of 'at the same time as'?


It's in the sense of 'at the same time as'


А почему "домой" ?


As I understand: дом = [a/the] home, дома = at home, домой = to[wards] home


I am native speaker and i dont know why. That is how we say it - an expression. Я иду домой - i am walking home. Ты идёшь домой Мы идём домой


What's wrong on "dad cooks dinner while is my brother going home" ? *I'm not native speaker


Odd word order. In English "is my brother going home" is the structure of a question.


Готовит means Cook or cooking What should I write and how will I understand

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