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  5. "Chama um médico!"

"Chama um médico!"

Translation:Call a doctor!

November 8, 2015



why can't it be "call a medic'? that is understandable in American English, and obviously the translation.


what is the difference between médico and doutor?


"Médico" is the profession (physician, doctor), "Doutor" is the noun you use as a form of address to a doctor:

  • O doutor Reis vai ver o senhor já de seguida. Dr. Reis will see you [sir] right away.
  • O doutor Miguel é o nosso médico. Dr. Miguel is our doctor.
  • Nos últimos minutos do episódio, o doutor House descobriu o diagnóstico correto. In the last minutes of the episode, Dr. House found out the correct diagnosis.
  • Não me estou sentindo bem, doutor. I'm not feeling well, doctor.

P.S. "Doutor" may also be used as a form of addressing anyone with a PhD/doctorate (which are called doutoramentos in EP and doutorados in BP) and that's why we accept "doutor" in English-to-Portuguese translations of these sentences with "médico".


I don't how that's it in Portugal Luis Domingos, but here in Brazil "doutor" can also be a lawyer or judge [Advogado, Procurador (government's lawyer), Desembargador e Juiz (judge)]. I can remember if anyone calls them "senhor or senhora" they get hungry.

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