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  5. "Ich spreche darüber nicht."

"Ich spreche darüber nicht."

Translation:I do not speak about that.

November 22, 2013



For it is Fight Club.


For all the confused people, to me as a native speaker the word order does feel quite uncomfortable (a little poetic), but it is definitely correct. "Ich spreche nicht darüber" would be the more common way to say it.


I totally agree, nobody says this in Germany.


Why not "Ich spreche nicht darüber."?


You are right. It is the more common way to say it.


das + uber = daruber?


Duolingo doesn't do a very good job explaining it: Here, "da" is kind of a relative pronoun, referring to something that needs to have been stated before. For example, first in english: Is your mother dead? I don't speak about that. "That" refers to the fact that the mother is dead.

Now in german: Ist deine Mutter tot? Ich spreche DArüber nicht. Where "da" refers to the dead mother again, and the extra "r" is added to make the word easier to pronounce.

You can use the same construction for other prepositions as well, for example: Cathy und Sonja gehen oft ins Kino. Emily träumt DAvon. Here "da" refers to the fact that Cathy and Sonja go to the cinema, and Emily dreams about that.

Hope it was clear enough!


"Darüber" simply means "about": "I do not speak about it"

"davon" = "of it": "Emily dreams of it"


I see it more like "über das“ = darüber, since that shows the word order one would expect, were it still two words, i.e. preposition-object.

same for damit = mit das


so why is it here "daruber nicht" when in the previous example it was " Ich habe es Nicht Dabei" , what's up with the nicht positioning? anyone with more knowledge than me care to shed a light on this? thanks :)


Good call. "Ich spreche nicht darüber" und "Ich habe es nicht dabei" are the common ways to say it.


I would think: I speak not about that, should also be acceptable?


You wouldn't say it that way in English.


Thou speaketh not of the truth, or either, knowest ye not of the old way. Old English is weird to use and duolingo shouldn't even bother, but technically, voidlogic is right.

But please don't mark your answer as correct, voidlogic. Because that'll probably just mess up the system. Too many varieties allows even the lamest sentences to have a chance of passing.


That is no longer a common way of speaking, but it remains grammatically correct English.


voildlogic deserveth not a "minus" for speaketh he the truth. Dost ye knoweth not of the archaic way of speech?

Anyhow, some German/English similarities I have found: Wohe kommst du = Whence comest thou. Wohin gehst du = Whither goest thou.


Wovon man nicht sprechen kann, darüber muß man schweigen.


Should 'I do not speak about them' be a correct translation? It was marked as wrong.


This would translate to: Ich spreche nicht über sie (e.g. about these people).


should " I speak nothing about that" be accepted?


"I speak nothing about that" is very bad English. It would be very weird to say IRL and people would probably rib you for it.


I gave the same answer, and it was rejected. But, the meaning is correct. I would like to get explanation why is this not a suitable translation?


"Nicht" is "not." "NICHTS," with the S, is "nothing." You speak (sprechen) not; you'd SAY (sagen) nothing.


I dont know how to do the umlauts in my answers, so i do the old fashioned way of adding an e after the vowel. But i keep getting told i am misspelling the words. Dont know how to fix it.


IF you login from a computer, there are clickable icons under the field for answers. IF you use a mobile device, longpress on some letter should show you all localizations. IF you still don't get umlaut-powered letters, probably should install additional keyboard on your mobile device (search the internet for instructions how to do that, depending on the type/manufacturer of your device)


Ok i have seen darüber nicht and nicht darüber.... Which is it? Natives??


both should be fine in this case


Albert Trotter


Kann Man benutze 'rede' instead of 'spreche'?


"I do not discuss it" Why would that be unacceptable?


Well, "discussing" and "speaken" have different meanings...


There's "I do not speak of that" (because I refuse) and there's "I'm not speaking of that" (because I'm speaking of something else but you misunderstood the topic). Is this German phrase usable for both?


In the second example we would use: "Davon spreche ich nicht" or to clarify: "Das meine ich nicht".


I can see two possible translations:

"I do not speak about that"


"I am not talking about that"

Which have quite different meanings. Does it just depend on context or does this sentence tend to mean one or the other?


It depends on the context. In the second example we would use: "Davon spreche ich nicht" or to clarifing: "Das meine ich nicht".


why not "I say nothing about it"


I don't talk about it.

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