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Typing in Russian with windows 8

I have a problem typing (quickly) in Russian using cyrillic alphabet. I have a Russian mnemonic keyboard option which has the keys in the same spot phonetically (ex. D is Д). However it's missing some important letters like ч э щ. Recently I found some letters like ю ё by adding й with other keys, and ч by typing c+h. То get the other letters I need to go into Russian standard keyboard, but it takes too long to swtich between 3 keyboards instead of 2, and I never remember where the э and the щ are, and no I can't use keyboard stickers because the letters are in the middle of my keys. I know s+h makes ш on the russian mnemonic keyboard. Does anybody know how to get these other letters so that I can use only mnemonic keyboard? thanks

November 8, 2015



There have been several posts about this recently. For instance.. Maybe that will have the info you need. And I've seen some online discussion. For instance.

Typing with the ЙЦУКЕН keyboard seems much more standardized. I don't know about Apple computers, but on Linux distributions and Windows the very same keyboard layout is available. You might want to try learning it, instead, if you keep having trouble.


Please tell us which layout you're using.

You seem to be talking about a Mnemonic layout, so maybe read here.

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