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"В футбольной команде одиннадцать человек."

Translation:There are eleven people in a soccer team.

November 8, 2015



did I really get "football" as a wrong answer because it should have been "soccer"? Really? Really??


It's accepted now :)

[deactivated user]

    Please report it as a mistake next time you see this question.


    ON a soccer team. (my 2 cents) I think "in" a soccer team is not correct.


    I agree, that's how we'd say it in English.


    Depends where home is. On the east side of the pond, it's normal to say "in a team".


    It can be both, but English generally uses "on" for players in the team and on the field. It also depends on what group of people you are talking about, such as on the team, on the field, in the outfield (baseball), in the stands, in the band, I don't know how to characterize when you'd pick in vs. on for these situations.


    As far as I have understood a subject/object in nominative/accusative of a number 5-20 is always in the genitive plural form. Now it seems to me that человек is nominative singular. Why is this the case? Does it have to do with the fact that люди is not a real plural of человек (=there is no genitive plural)? Would be cool if somebody could explain these special cases :)


    It seems that I was right, and there is some lost consistency in the word человек that used to be there! You can check this.

    Люди is an irregular plural for человек, and человеки is regular but "Rare, poetic, except for the genitive plural челове́к"

    BTW Genitiv "пять человек" is marked with a triangle as well, that's why пять людей may sound "more" correct to some people :)


    Does в change into во only before a word starting with в, like in " во время"? I feel it would sound natural before a word starting with ф as well but apparently that is not the rule...


    As I understand it, во (or ко or со) is used before words with consonant clusters, e.g., мне. Any other word, use в (or к or с).


    Yes, Russian ideas on which combinations of consonants are hard to pronounce can seem other-worldly to us.


    "In a team" sounds odd, unless maybe you're talking about a team of horses. When referring to members of a sports team, most people say "on a team".


    Why would this not be accepted?

    "A soccer team has eleven people."


    I think it should be accepted (native speaker). The meaning is the same.


    What's the difference between футбольной and футбольный


    It follows the standard adjective pattern, so -ый is the base (masculine) form, and -ой is the form used in all the feminine singular cases except for nominative and accusative.

    So in this exercise, в means the case is prepositional and команда is a feminine word, hence the -ой adjective ending.


    Totally Yes! Thank you. Joseph108760 just print a Russian Adjective Declension and have it handy. Once you have it go over teh response given by BenYoung84


    Why not людей ?


    I'm not too sure but I think you're supposed to use человек when talking about x number of people (persons). I feel like людей generalizes it too much. I might be wrong though


    No that's not it. Rather, it's following the strange rules that Russian uses for numbers. If the last word in the number is "one" the following word will be nominative singular. If the last word is "two", "three" or "four" then you get genitive singular, and otherwise it's genitive plural. That's why no form of люди is used in this case.


    It should be "on a team", not "in a team".


    It should accept on.


    Both are okay.


    "В футбольной команде одиннадцать людей" could also work ?

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