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Whats the difference between ш, щ, and ж?


Ж = zh Ш = sh Щ = shch That's how you pronounce each letter, my russian friend explain it to me and helped me out to get the difference


Щ was pronounced close to shch back in the 18th century and is still pronounced that way by Poles, Bielorussians and speakers of some northern Russian dialects. In modern standard Russian, however, this sound is nothing but long palatalized "sh". As for ж and ш, although they ARE transliterated in English as zh and sh, respectively, these transliterations only vaguely imitate the Russian sounds. For the true ж and ш English simply doesn't have letters. Check https://forvo.com/languages/ru/ for the genuine Russian pronunciation.


Спасибо for the link.


And What is difference between ж and з? :)


Ж - zh. З - z


Ш and щ are voiceless, whereas ж is voiced. Unlike ж and ш which are not at all palatalized, щ is palatalized. To say it correctly, double the length of 'sh' in 'she' while trying to raise the back of your tongue further towards your palate. To say ж, put your tongue in the position of 'r' in 'red', then press the sides of your tongue hard to your upper teeth and lower the tip of your tongue a little bit towards the point where you'd put it if you were to say 'th'. Ш is the voiceless counterpart of ж.


Ж is a j sound Ш is a sh or ch sound Щ is a shsh or chch (like fresh shoes)


i write sushi and Duo says there a typo, where?


Probably, the question intended for you to write the answer in Russian. That happens to me sometimes too.


try with just "susi" or "суси"


lol. i wrote "cywN". too stubborn to change keyboards....


It's telling me my spelling is incorrect счши (??) Won't let me pass the level. Is There something I'm doing wrong?


The correct spelling is суши, not счши.


I wrote сужи and its show as correct but the app writes суши.. whats truly correct?


These days it's суши, but it used to be суси. Fonetically, both are quite far from the original Japanese word.


So the whole time, the app has taught sushi as суши, but all of a sudden is saying that it's a typo and that the correct answer is суси. What?


Please report that as a mistake, when it occurs, because it is a wrong suggestion to write суси


Although суси is not used these days, it is no more wrong than суши as both of them are quite far from the original Japanese word. Суши resulted from double transliteration whereas суси follows the rules of the Polivanov transliteration system traditionally used for transliterating Japanese words into Russian. Compare: Хиросима, Хонсю, Мицубиси.

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    Суши also mean "make it dry"


    The stress in the verb суши, though, falls on the last syllable, whereas in the noun the first syllable is stressed.


    I just typed 'Что?" because I was confused... But never mind now. I understand. Sushi! Sure!


    Is this word really necessary for basic vocalbulary?


    Oh come on, it's not about the words yet, its about the sounds and the letters. Be patient and learn. With "sushi" you can learn to use the letter ш, you can learn how it sounds and how to pronounce it, and you can learn that it's different (very slightly, though) from the letter щ. Besides that, they put sushi, instead of something else, probably because it's an international word known by other languages' native speakers around the world, who can easely relate the SH sound to their own phonetic system. Keep calm and learn Russian!


    Words and letters? It even does not show me the words in cyrilic, only in latin letters? Only some times there is an echo in cyrilic :(. I'd expect some sort of keybord with cyrilic letters and to real learn the alphabet and how the letters sound.


    There's a switch in the upper left hand corner when you're doing a lesson that switches between Cyrillic and Latin alphabet. Click it so it goes from Aa to Яя and you will have Cyrillic.


    For some reason I am not finding this switch.


    The word should be underlined by a dotted line, click on it and you will see the russian spelling


    Try this: http://winrus.com/keyboard.htm. I'm using it because I have the Single Language Windows so I cannot install other languages/keyboards. It's a bit annoying to jump from one tab to the other, but it's handy anyway. If you have other Windows version (or another OS at all) you can try to install the Russian keyboard. I think in almost every discussion someone asks how to do so and someone answers back. Actually I think that in the description of this course they have also explained hoe to do that. Happy learning!


    Sceptics should know that the food product in question is more popular now in Russia, then it is in Japan. So it is a very important word, indeed.


    Ш and Щ, even though I listened them I still don't know the difference, they sound the same(yeah, I know they sound different but I can't hear it)


    Try listening to these pairs of words in Forvo: зашита - защита, решётка - трещотка, шинок - щенок, не пиши - не пищи, шёлк - щёлк, шепнул - щипнул and the phrase лошади на площади


    I'm gonna check that out. Thanks!


    Y in the HELL does it not give us those damn symbols


    this is a cool website


    I have no cyrilic keyboard and so I am going backward on my lessons over the single word, can't it substitute something else?


    its just the problem with doing on a computer


    Did they teach u alphabet before asking u yo write words coz i ddnt


    So i write цуси and it corrects me to суси, i then type суси and it corrects me цуси... what the actual ❤❤❤❤. Lol


    I typed Цуси and it accepted it


    Typed суши and was reported back a typo: https://imgur.com/a/Z9GO80X


    how to type in russian


    What is the difference between ю and у?


    At the beginning of a word or after a vowel ю has the same value as the syllable йу would have. When it follows a consonant, the letter ю has the same value as у, except it changes the quality of the consonant, making it palatalized, or as we say in Russian, ‘soft’ (the latter term is confusing, though, as it has nothing to do with the English concept of softness). Palatalization refers to raising the middle part of your tongue towards your palate. Russian sounds /ч/ and /щ/ are naturally palatalized, so the letter ю is never put after them. The consonants /ж/, /ш/ and /ц/, on the contrary, are never palatalized, so putting ю after ж, ш or ц does not ‘soften’ the sounds they stand for. In fact, ю occurs after those letters only in a few loan words: парашют, брошюра, жюри, and in foreign proper names such as Жюль Верн, or Цюрих.


    Im learning Russian but i dont know how to write in Russian using the keyboard. Could someone help me please?


    Try using a virtual Russian keyboard.


    don't learn Russian then.


    Суши = 수시


    Суши and Duolingo says it's wrong and суши is correct. Is there a difference in lower- upper cases?


    Is there a difference in lower- upper cases in Russian? I wrote Суши with uppercase and Duolingo threw an error.


    My phone doesnt have the option to use another language on the keyboard, how do i turn it off on duolingo?


    Никто не говорит "суши". Все говорят "роллы".


    What do you mean? What do you think it should be?


    Let's practice a bit on a sentence: "Я ем суши, а не икраю" I eat sushi, but not caviar.


    I almost wish "cywN" was accepted


    I don’t have russian type


    i need the letters


    I don't have a Cyrillic keyboard...and surpassed the mountain of 'Sushi' when i typed in 'sushi' from my qwerty keyboard!


    I don't have keybourd with russian letters


    I can't write any Russian words on my keyboard. Could someone advise me?


    What. You have a carbohydrate diet plan doiolingo post. Kill


    Do I have to add a Russian keyboard to type the Cyrillic alphabet?

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    The course supports the Russian alphabet. You just have to click the switch on the top left while in a lesson. It looks like [Aa].


    My keyboard is not the appropiate


    What if you had downloaded the Russian translation and spelling to answer this question. Through using both of them it still doesn't let me progress. What is the correct spelling for "sushi"?


    my computer can't type in russian


    Try using a virtual Russian keyboard (you can easily find it by using Google, for instance)


    What's the difference between ш and щ ?


    I've already answered this question - see my comments of 11 months and 9 months ago on this thread.


    I could not see the switch to change keyboard. Anyone help me, please!


    my keyboard won't type russian. what should I do?




    Best I can tell you don't do that in duolingo you do it in windows or your operating system whatever it it. In windows it's actually fairly easy to switch back and fourth once you set it up. You go to Language Preferences in settings Region and Language and click add a language. select Russian or whatever you want then after it's downloaded you will find language options down near the calendar and volume control. Select PYC and type. Then when you want to got back to English select ENG in the same place. Hope this helps. Gorg


    the two last leters ,are not on my pc!


    I dont have a russian keyboard and I don't know how to write it with an american keyboard


    Depending on what computer you are using you can download a Russian keyboard because it's not actually the keyboard. It's the software that interprets the keystrokes. In windows to get a Russian keyboard go to settings / time and language / region and language / add a language and select Russian to add. After that you will have ENG and PYC to choose from and can switch your keyboard back and forth by choosing the keyboard from the list.
    Hope this helps


    I can't type this


    How do I type sushi (or any Russian characters for that matter) without the Russian letters on the laptop?


    The closest I can get to the Russian equivalent to sushi in english letters is cywn but it marks me wrong each time. Any solutions?


    To be able to type in Cyrillic or any other alphabet other than roman, you need to go settings and "add language" and choose the desired keyboard from the menu. Once you have had more than one keyboard layout installed, you'll be able to switch between different layouts by pressing Shift+Alt or whatever key combination you designate. You will need to either memorize the Russian keybaoard layout, or print out the picture of it. Some people even glue Cyrillic letters to keys, but trying to memorize the layout by practicing is much more practical.


    what do i do if i can't type the russian word


    Install the Russian keyboard. It is easy.


    ı cant write this word .How can ı change my keyboard in english to russian?? plz help


    А я знаю русский лучше всех вас вместе взятых


    I can't use russian keyboard


    How do i change to Russian key board


    I can't type Russian character, There is no Russian keyboard facility available. How to solve it??


    I dont have the Russian keyboard


    In every day life just fans of Japanese say "суси".


    Hmm, I don't really understand what you mean by "fans of Japanese." The Japanese themselves call it sushi, don't they?


    Well, for my Russian ear it clearly sounds like "суси": すし (寿司)


    That's interesting, especially since you typed the hiragana correctly as 'sushi. Since the 'shi' is clearly there I find it surprising you hear 'susi'.


    I meant how native speakers pronounce it on forvo.com


    Oh cool, I haven't heard of that site! Thanks for sharing. I live with a native Japanese speaker so I can always bug him about Japanese pronunciation, but I think that will be useful for my Russian-learning. I still hear 'shi' not 'si' on forvo though. If you're learning Japanese I'm sure your ear for it will develop over time.


    Well, sometimes I do hear "shi". Maybe it depends on the local accent )))


    Could be! Japanese has a surprisingly large amount of dialects for the size of the country.


    Being a fan of Japanese, I am well aware that this beautiful language doesn't have a ш sound. Before the the break-up of the Soviet Union Russians always transliterated Japanese word using Polivanov's transliteration system in which words like Honshu, Hiroshima, Tsushima, Shintoism, shogun, Fuji and judo are spelled as Хонсю, Хиросима, Цусима, синтоизм and сёгун, Фудзи and дзюдо, respectively. English speakers use the Hepburn romanization system which transliterate the palatalized Japanese sounds as sh and j where Russians traditionally used с(ь) and дз. Actually the voiceless Japanese consonant is neither sh nor сь, but something in between. The closest Russian sound would be a shortened щ, so the closest phonetic imitation of the Japanese word for sushi would be cыщи (unfortunately, the word already exists in Russian and means "go find"). Why ы instead of у?. It is because the Japanese sound is even less rounded than oo in "good", whereas the Russian у is much more rounded than "woo" in "wool". About 25 years ago Russian business people who had no clue about the Japanese sound system started transliterating the names of Japanese brands from English into Russian and made a mess. Now we have Тошиба, Мицубиши (instead of the proper Тосиба and Мицубиси) and суши! Every time I hear the word it makes me laugh. It reminds me of the phrase "Суши вёсла!" (Pull out your oars from the water and let them dry - in other words, "Stop rowing/paddling" - a command used by athletes and kayakers). By using суши Russians distorted the original Japanese word beyond recognition. These days it is being gradually replaced by another loan word роллы (from the English "rolls").


    Привет ребятки, я знаю русский в идеале Вам и не снилось Знаете что такое деепричастный оборот?


    Может, для начала нужно хотя-бы научиться знаки препинания расставлять правильно?


    Totally a sentence


    lol listen to doom soundtrack


    I can’t write in Russian because it’s not on my keyboard!!!!!!! So duolingo says it’s wrong!!


    i dont have a russian keyboard


    Because this is what I think of in a Russian course


    How is one supposed to type Cyrillic characters on a latin keyboard? I wrote cyWN, and it was not accepted.


    If you want to type in Latin characters, then you should switch to the transliterated version of Russian. But if you want to use Cyrillic, you have to type in actual Russian letters, otherwise your answers won't be accepted.


    The French course supplies a palette of characters not normally found on a Latin keyboard whenever the learner is asked to type. Why does the Russian course not supply a Cyrillic palette, so that learners do not need to copy and paste from an external site?


    Because instead of a few accented letters, you'd need 30-odd.


    Ok, thank you for the information


    On my Macbook, I type Cyrillic characters using Keyboard Input Source as "Russian - Phonetic" in Keyboard Preferences.

    I don't know the way to change it in Microsoft Windows.


    Why is this even in here???


    Oh come on, it's not about the words yet, its about the sounds and the letters. Be patient and learn. With "sushi" you can learn to use the letter ш, you can learn how it sounds and how to pronounce it, and you can learn that it's different (very slightly, though) from the letter щ. Besides that, they put sushi, instead of something else, probably because it's an international word known by other languages' native speakers around the world, who can easely relate the SH sound to their own phonetic system. Keep calm and learn Russian!


    I am learning with the Russian characters on so I can recognize them, but when I need to translate English into Russian I can't. My computer cannot download foreign keyboards. It would be so great if they added the characters as an option, and had a section where they teach you the pronunciation of each letter just so I don't have to utilize multiple websites. :)


    This is what? A sushi fanatic? Is "sushi " such an important word in Russian vocabulary that I have to repeat it again and again?


    The purpose of this lesson is to introduce you to the Cyrillic letters and their sounds. They're doing this by giving you words that you would already be familiar with. The later lessons will have lots of new words for you.


    You're right. What makes me uncomfortable is that "sushi" is a kind of adopted word so its spelling might vary. If "sushi" appears in a sentence, that's ok, but i don't understand why i have to practice "sushi" as an independent word, while there are some useful words also easy to learn such as tort, riba, khleb...etc. But, thanks anyway. I fully understand your point.


    Simply because tort, riba, khleb don't use the letter and sound ш. Sushi is an international word, everyone knows it and I suppose it's pronounced pretty much the same everywhere... It's about the SH sound and the ш letter, not about Sushi itself...

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