"Вот мой офис."

Translation:Here is my office.

November 8, 2015

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Can somebody tell me the difference between мои and мой? Спасибо очень :)

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    «Мои» (note the stress: мои́) is a plural form (вот мои́ о́фисы — here're my offices), «мой» is singular masculine form (вот мой о́фис — here's my office).

    There's also a singular feminine form моя (вот моя́ ко́мната — here's my room) and singular neutral form моё (вот моё зда́ние — here's my building). To find out the gender of the singular noun, you can use a dictionary (later you'll learn to guess it from the form of the word). The plural nouns don't have a gender.


    Wouldnt "this is my office" also be correct for this one? Thanks


    Nope, because "вот" specifically means "here is", like showing someone a location or where an object is. "This is" would be "это".


    I have heard that Russians are lazy to type, they type "и" instead of "й", like Serbians write sometimes word "ćevapčići" - "cevapcici". Of course, only on computer. Is that true?


    Er... Not sure. Maybe if they are really really really really lazy, but then why type at all?

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    Thanks for the notice aaand спосибо за ответ! )


    What does this post mean? Is someone complaining about something? What is "ангар подземный"? Google translates it as an underground hanger. Or is this an inside message, meant for specific people and I should simply not worry about it?

    [deactivated user]

      This post is an example of very sloppily written messages that nevertheless have the и/й distinction.

      Those messages are about some game and it's difficult to translate then without knowing the context. Ангар подземный is really 'underground hangar/airshed'.

      The rough meaning of the messages is:

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      I've just seen it today that there is an underground hangar. It's not a [temporary] event; I wouldn't even have noticed it.


      I think БП is бесплатные подарки ("free gifts"). Took me a minute to understand.


      no, it's diffrent letters and sounds and we never replace it by each other и is a vowel and sounds like "i" in "fish" й is a consonant and sounbs like [ɪ] in "pie" and "toy"

      the situation that you describe is suitable for е and ё russians often write ё like е even in handwritten texts, but it's still read as [йо] so this can create difficulties if you don't know that "e" is actually "ё" in the specific case for example мы передохнём - we'll take a rest мы передóхнем it's pejorative, correct - мы умрём) - we will die


      No. Й and И should not be changed. You can write E instead of Ё in informal speach.


      Alright, what is the difference between вот and там? Apparently they both mean "here/there" as in pointing to a place, but здесь also means here and I keep getting confused.


      I think вот translates to "here", with the idea of pointing something out. For example, Вот парк! = Here is the park! (Behold, the park!) and там is there. For example, Парк там. = The park is there. Of course, there is also здесь. Парк здесь. = The park is here.


      You want to say one to start and the other you can use only in the end


      When I translated vot as there, I was marked wrong -- even though duo says it means here and there.


      Oh thank goodness, I thought it said orifice. :-D


      On mobile this always says it translates to "they will be back in one hour".


      so I answered "here is my office" without capitalization or punctuation and it marked me wrong


      Can офис mean both 'office room' and 'office building' or only the former?


      Office can mean both office room and office building


      I'm very new, but I assume that the letter 'p' and 'f' are the same?


      Why is it мой? I thought that моё was used for all gender neutral words


      Офис is not gender neutral word. Офис is masculinum. But здание - building is neutral, комната (room) is femininum: Это мой офис. Это моё офисное здание, это моя офисная комната.


      why is "kontora" wrong?


      Missed an e after the her and lost a heart, could be better, cause i am german and trying to learn from English russian

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