Duolingo Team

Hey everyone ! I guess I should probably make this quick cause duolingo team must be very busy with the creation of tree(s) 2.0 . I'm not a very old user to duolingo; However, Becoming a member of this site in July has played a crucial role in helping me decipher the very basic roots of different languages. Likewise I have talked to a few people who acquired and intellectualized English, French, German etc. through Duolingo and then of course with additional references they got even more articulate in those languages. So guys if you are reading this then I (or we if anyone else would like to join me) would like to express my/ (our) sincere gratitude to all the volunteers who have committed and dedicated their time to help people like us assimilate the languages we want to learn without cost. You guys really mean a lot to us and you have helped us a lot. :)

November 8, 2015


I agree. :D

Thank you to the whole entire Duolingo team for making Duolingo possible!

November 9, 2015
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