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  5. "They met me at a park."

"They met me at a park."

Translation:Они встретили меня в парке.

November 9, 2015



Why does it take "Они меня встретили в парке" as a mistake? I dont think there is such great of a difference between "меня встретили" & "встретили меня", is there?

[deactivated user]

    It's technically correct too, but «они встретили меня в парке» just sounds better.


    Thnx, I thought so. But still, it should be accepted.. I think


    Thanks, it's accepted now. In a post about word order you wrote a couple of years ago, you said pronouns normally come before the verb.

    Sadly, szeraba_xaba has left. Can a native or fluent speaker explain why this sentence is different?


    Probably the fact that меня is the new information is the word order reasoning


    Why not "Они встретились со мной в парке"?

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