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"For" and "Til" Before Infinitives

Hei, alle sammen!

When doing the various exercises, I have been confused about when "for" and/or "til" appears before infinitives in sentences. Can anyone explain the rules for when you use these two words in this context? I apologize if this question has been asked many times, but the other explanations I have found on different websites haven't been clear.

Tusen takk!

November 9, 2015

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You are talking about Norwegian? http://www.engelsknorskordbok.com/en/dictionary-english-norwegian/for Ahh! I haven't gotten to that lesson yet. The English "for" can be translated as "for" or "til" among other words. Scroll down at these links for a lot of examples of use.

http://www.norskengelskordbok.com/en/dictionary-norwegian-english/for The Norwegian "for" can be translated as "to", "too" and "by", as well as "for", among other words.

"for å" = "in order to" This expression is used in front of verbs which in English are often translated as the infinitive. So you could use this where you could replace the "to" with "in order to".

http://www.norskengelskordbok.com/en/dictionary-norwegian-english/til The Norwegian "til" can be translated as "for", "into", "to", "towards", "until", "with", "of" and "till". It is used with even more infinitives, translating as "to".

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