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  5. "Is everything OK?"

"Is everything OK?"

Translation:Всё хорошо?

November 9, 2015


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How would you change it from question to statement? Or you understand that by context?

November 12, 2015


I think it is only by inflection. Your voice raising at the end rather than a change in word order.

November 17, 2015


Yep, that's how you can answer that. "Всё хорошо?" "да, Всё хорошо."

November 20, 2015


You too OMG!!!!! I love this app!!!!

April 17, 2019


It is all controlled by the intonational center! When you want to change a declarative sentence to a question in Russian, you raise your tone. :)

February 15, 2016


I suggest googling "Russian Intonational Centers" for more info and perhaps video/audio examples for practice!

February 15, 2016


"Ё" should be in latin as "yo", not as "ë".

November 12, 2015


Do we know why все нормально isn't accepted? Хорошо has a more positive connotation to me, whereas нормально seems neutral/okay/fine.

December 31, 2015


There's no accents in the Latin letter keyboard that I can use instead of the Cryllic keyboard. I can only say, "Vse khorosho?" without the 'e' with two dots on top of the letter. Is there going to be an update soon with the accents?

November 9, 2015


Why not installing the russian language (visual keyboard on PC, or keyboard on Android ^.^)

February 20, 2016


If you look for Google Input Methods they have keyboards that overlay your Latin one and transliterate into another language by sound. I find it much better at my computer

March 11, 2016


Ë ‹- like this?

April 17, 2019


Is the в in всё silent? I can't hear it in the TTS.

November 13, 2015


It's there, you just need to listen very carefully. At least, I hear it.

November 13, 2015


OK isn't a word in Russian? I wrote Всё OK and it wasn't accepted.

November 13, 2015


Did you use the latin alphabet for ок?

November 16, 2015


I don't think it's as regularly used as in English. You could use it a bit, but not for this question.

November 20, 2015


You can say "Всё Ок" in real life,but it's not correct. Ok=Okay - english word not russian.

January 16, 2018


and why not " всё доброй? " ?

I checked with google translate, it translates to "everything good ?"

January 17, 2016


I've never heard that used. To me Добрый is an attribute of a kind or pleasant person, it feels a little weird describing it as how things are going.

January 17, 2016


Why can't we write in cyrilic?

March 10, 2016


You can. You need to install/activate your Russian keyboard for that, however. Google the appropriate instructions for your OS/hardware and you should be all set.

June 17, 2016


Where do you get a Russian keyboard?

August 19, 2019


So getting the logic about the basic difference of Всё and все, I can translate "Is everyone OK?" to "Все Хорошо?" ?

August 26, 2019
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