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  5. "They are women."

"They are women."

Translation:Они женщины.

November 9, 2015



Hi all. I am native. "They" is "они". "They" is not "это".


Why can I not use это? Just a few questions ago, it asked me to translate "those are women", and it accepted это for that. As a native English speaker, I don't see any difference between "those are women" and "they are women".


I'd say it depends on the context. If you are talking about them for a while you won't say, "Yes, but those are women, they should be aware of blah blah blah". "they are women" sounds much better here, and I think it's the same little nuance in Russian. Tell me if I'm wrong 'cause I'm French x)


Yeah, that's true. But Duolingo doesn't have any context, so it should accept both, I guess.


It seems like it wants the most literal and direct translation in most cases


"Они женщины" ≠ "Это женщины", but it seems to me "They are women" is translated as both.


Это женщины = this is a woman. Они женщины = they are woman


Зто would make it mean "this is women" i think


Not sure but i think это is for THIS IS and они is more like THESE ARE like ... они is more like "them" and это more like this is. "This formation of people are called women" "these specific people in your list are all women" kinda way. It's hard to explain, and I may be wrong, but i think that's the difference.


Dude you said those are apples then it would make sense but if you said they are apples that wouldn't make sense


Они is they not єто


Someone help me with the cases please. When do we use женщина instead of женщины ? Thanks for your help!


In this case, it's because it's plural Women, whilst женщина would be singular woman. Judging from your levels, I'm assuming that you're starting in English?

Russian uses different suffixes instead of prepositions for plural and different relationships between nouns and verbs. I found it useful to look up the technical terms and definitions for some of the cases in English, Grammatical Cases on Wikipedia was quite a good starting point. All the suffixes in Russian follow rules in how they're constructed, unlike English where there's sometimes more exceptions to the rule. Just gotta learn and practice the rules and you'll get the hang of it ^^


Im not smart enough to know what the ❤❤❤❤ you are talking about but I liked you're comment


Why do they have a - in between certain words? Just trying to understand it why.


In Russian, the present form of the verb "to be" (English: is, are, am) is often omitted completely. The "-" indicates that the verb was omitted in that sentence. The dash is not always used ("Они женщины." is valid), but it's used in Duolingo for clarity.


That makes much more sense! Thank you!


Think of a literal translation, "They women." In English it sounds like fake "caveman talk", but the meaning is still understandable. The verb is just not considered necessary in Russian unless a non-present tense or other inflection is needed.


'a'= 'but'


is женщины pronounced zhyen shee nay?


That's about as close as you can get with English transliteration. "ы" is not a sound we have in English


"Ы" is approximate to a very fast rendition of "oo-ee" (a diphthong), shrinking that to the length of a single vowel. Try saying the sound "ooh" while quickly sliding your tongue forward.


I think that even Russians find "ы" to be a humorous letter. There was a film i saw once, sort of a Russian-language three stooges sketch, called Операция Ы ("Operation Ы") -also, my personal preference is to pronounce "Мы" by pronouncing "mih" and "mwih" at the same time.


just sound like a very blasé teenager: "come to dinner?" "мы"


I cannot fint the 'bi' for женшинbi on my Russian keyboard...


If you can't find it, this is not a Russian keyboard propably. Remember, many languages use Cyrillic alphabet, maybe you are using a Ukrainian keyboard, and Ukrainian does not have this letter. Take a look and see the name of the language written on the keyboard space bar, if it is written "Русский", then there must be some error, which I believe it is not.

Ы ы


The щ here sounds like "sh," rather than "shch." Is that because it's in the middle of the word? Is that always going to be the case?


What's the difference between "Они есть женщины" and "Они женщины" without "есть"? Without this latter it seems to me the verb is omitted!


If complete words in Cyrillics can be displayed to select a correct answer, why not the full Cyrillic alphabet so that words in Russian can be spelled correctly without "typos" when the Latin alphabet cannot duplicate a Cyrillic character?


When is it она instead of они? I'm struggling with that.


Она (she), Он (he), Они (they)


Она means "She (is)" you would use this like if you're saying "She is a woman". However "Они" means "They (are)" and in the sentence "Они ‒ женщины" means "They are women." Hope this helps


Она means she and они is they


Она means she and OHи means they...


what way is good to use russian letter ? Do I have to change my keyboard ?


You can use the letter "y" if you're typing in the Latin alphabet. Duolingo accepts this transliteration. Они - женщины = Oni - zhenshiny


For anyone wondering how to transliterate the Russian characters here, you can use the letter "y" if you're typing in the Latin alphabet. Duolingo accepts this transliteration. Они - женщины = Oni - zhenshiny


I was taking a test to skip a level, and answered "Они женщины" and it was marked incorrect. That is so unfair.


I can't type the last letter of the word women, the "i"


Dear Duolingo, stop letting me pass when i type "Она" instead of "Они" unless these are the same words. If I have a typo DO NOT pass me. It hurts my ability to remember the correct spelling and usage the first time. Sometimes, I don't realize that I have a typo until I am tapping to the next screen and I don't know what my mistake was.


I dont wanna use the cyrillic typing, how do i turn this off?


If you are learning Russian of course you need it...


y cant i use Они


When do I use, "ы," versus, "и/й," and, "ш," versus, "щ?" I'm lost on the difference in sounds.


When to use женщина and when to use женщины and what is their difference?


Женщини vs. Женщины - сan anyone explain the difference and what it's used for? Please!


Don't have Russian keyboard... Pls help me skip this exercise


Shouldn't be оне as female plural form?


Здравствуйте! If I'm not mistaken, они (they) is the plural form of он (he), она (she), and оно (it.) The "are" in "They are women" is dropped because Russian doesn't use the present tense of the verb "to be." Happy studying!


I can't understand when I have to use женщины instead of женщина


May I suggest this example: "The woman has cats." In Russian, У женщины есть кошки. "Having" = У + noun in genitive case (i.e. женщины) + есть.


Also, and more simply, женщины (women) is the plural (nominative case) of женщина (woman.) I hope this is of some help...


etot fcio deleya civodniya. ya pasmatru vam zaftra. bye


If you tap on "women" they write "женщины", "женщинами", "женщинам"... Can someone tell me the difference? Does it have to do with the cases?

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