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"Завтра об этом, конечно, будут знать все."

Translation:Tomorrow, of course, everybody will know about this.

November 9, 2015



Is this a typical word order? This "subject last" stuff goes completely against my natural instincts.


"Tomorrow surely everyone will know about it" was my answer and it was rejected.


"Tomorrow surely everyone will know about this" - also rejected (27/9/18).


"Of course, everyone will know about this tomorrow" is also rejected. Is there any good reason it should be? From an English language perspective, the Russian word order is so fractured there's at least a half dozen ways to order the English translation and no clear way to say which is closest. Just for starters, "Of course," "Tomorrow," and "Everyone will..." are all valid beginnings, and there are at least three different places in the sentence "of course" can go.


I translated as: "Tomorrow they will know everything about this, of course" - is "everybody" or some specific actor implied by default in cases like these (where the actor is not listed for будут)?

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They - они, everybody - все. The actor is explicitly specified here.


Ah I got confused and for some reason thought it was (poorly word for word translated) "Tomorrow about this, of course, they will know ALL" - implying not just they'd know about it but they'd know everything about it. If you wanted to say that, what would the Russian be?

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Although this difference is sometimes lost in print, "everything"-"всё" (different last letter). As for your question, the translation would be different depending on whether you use "they" to describe specific people or as a "filler" for unspecified subjects.
In the former case: "Завтра об этом, конечно, они будут знать всё" or "Завтра об этом они, конечно, будут знать всё".
In the latter case, you would actually employ a passive construction:
"Завтра об этом, конечно, будeт известно всё" - "Tomorrow, of course, everything will be known".


Makes sense. Thank you!


Unfortunately, due to the goofy text to speech, the "spoken" version of this exercise is also wrong: it is pronounced всё rather than все.

I wish every sentence with все or всё on this course had a recording from a native speaker.

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