"Завтра об этом, конечно, будут знать все."

Translation:Tomorrow, of course, everybody will know about this.

November 9, 2015

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"Of course, everyone will know about this tomorrow" is also rejected. Is there any good reason it should be? From an English language perspective, the Russian word order is so fractured there's at least a half dozen ways to order the English translation and no clear way to say which is closest. Just for starters, "Of course," "Tomorrow," and "Everyone will..." are all valid beginnings, and there are at least three different places in the sentence "of course" can go.


Is this a typical word order? This "subject last" stuff goes completely against my natural instincts.


It is not typical but quite natural. You could say «Все, конечно, будут знать об этом завтра». But if you put «все» to the end, you make the sentence much more emotional. I mean, you emphasize the «все».


"Tomorrow surely everyone will know about it" was my answer and it was rejected.


"Tomorrow surely everyone will know about this" - also rejected (27/9/18).

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