"Es un capítulo de su libro."

Translation:It is a chapter of her book.

January 7, 2013



you can probably say "chapter in his book" and that shouldn't be a mistake.

January 7, 2013


i did answer "chapter in his book" and i was marked wrong. i wonder how many others made that error.

October 5, 2013


I used "chapter 'in' your book" as well. It sounds far more natural in English that way. Well, at least in the southern US. Should we report that, I wonder?

February 18, 2014


I've reported it. I think "in your book" should be accepted. There situations where "de" in Spanish is best translated as "in" in English: for example "el mejor estudiante de la clase".

June 28, 2014


This sentence also isn't implying that it is a girl's book

January 2, 2016


These sentences are actually not interchangeable. "You have written 10 chapters, and these pages are together one chapter OF your book" To say "in" in this context would not be the same thing.

January 16, 2015


Or to be more specific "it is a chapter of your book, out of many other chapters"

January 16, 2015


As of 3/9/2019 in his book is accepted

March 9, 2019


"It is a chapter in your book" accepted 15-12-07

December 8, 2015


I put "It is a chapter from your book." and it was accepted.

Sounds to me better than putting the word 'of'....

October 20, 2013


"a chapter in his book" sounds more idiomatically correct than "a chapter of his book", but would that be translated as "un capítulo en su libro"?

June 1, 2013


Thanks to Univisión, I know that capítulo also means episode of a TV show.

September 7, 2013


This is stupid. This pronoun is not gender specific. It could mean either at any time.

April 1, 2018


I agree

May 29, 2018


Does SU only mean her then. I thought it also meant his, but "it is a chapter of his book" was corrected to " it is a chapter of her book."

May 12, 2017


Su = his, her, its, their, your (formal).

November 6, 2017


"su libro" also means him, did anyone else get this one wrong for saying that?

March 22, 2013


not only his but her too

August 8, 2013


It could also mean 'your', and 'their'

September 9, 2013


... or, "its" where it is a library, maybe.

December 8, 2015


"this is a chapter in his book" also wrong

October 24, 2013


Este es un capítulo de su libro = this is a chapter in his book.

December 8, 2015


well yeah Orb is right but maybe you can also say "chapter in YOUR book"

February 23, 2017


Duolingo needs to delete this question, if not correctable!

August 3, 2017


I translated this as 'it is a chapter if your book' and was marked wrong. I did not understand why. I looked at discussion and find Duo has same translation. ¿Por que?

August 18, 2017


"If" is not the correct word here. :´)
If you instead wrote "of", then yes, it is good.

November 6, 2017


There is no context for "su", so multiple answers should be acceptable.

September 1, 2017


Why her?

October 11, 2017


Answer should both be his or her

January 7, 2019


It should be it is a chapter of his book. Where does the her come from?

March 27, 2019


Su does not only mean his. As a matter of fact, su is the possessive adjective for ALL third person subject pronouns, both singular and plural. Su only becomes sus when the OBJECT is plural, not the subject. So su can mean his, her, your (for usted), their for both ellos and ellas, and your for ustedes. While this sounds very confusing, context generally is clear enough so you don't even think twice. Certainly if this sentence were part of a conversation, whose book you were talking about would be clear. On Duo, unless the sentence has some determining context, all options should be accepted. And Duo does like to have different options as a answer in different questions so we always remember that many options exist for the same sentence to fit the circumstances.

March 27, 2019
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